Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Castles, Art, Architecture, Poetry

The Castle of Fontainebleau and a dance in Versailles

Chapter I, The art and the Castles.....

٭ Alexandre Dumas and...
٭ Baroque Music
٭ Castles of Ile de France region (Pictures)

٭ Maps of Castles

٭ Around the Castles and the medieval times

٭ Links to the Castles and the Mediaval music (in french)

٭ Media Links around Castles and heritage 

٭ Poetry and Chivalery 

Chapter II, The Architecture and the Castles 

 A few steps toward the Royal Buildings in 17th Century

♥ Forts, fortresses and Medieval Towns

♥ Rebuild Castle of Saint-Cloud

♥ Fews steps toward the ornementation

♥ The skylights
♥ The festivities and dances 

Chapter III, Castles, Castles-Fortress.
җ The Royal Castles Stately

җ Views inside Castles

җ The Stately Home

җ The Manor

җ The Castles-Fortress

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