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The Castles of Seine-et-Marne Department

- The Seine-et-Marne, department 77;

The Castle of La Grange-Bléneau


- Amillis, The castle of Amillis (Wich is a convent today)
- Annet sur Marne, the Castle of Louche, the Castle of Sannois, the Castle of Etry
- Andrezel, the Castle of Mainpincien
- Arbonne-la-Forêt, the Domain of Cornebiche
- Armentières, the Castle of Armentières
- Aulnoy, the Castle of Ru


- Bailly-Romainvilliers, the dungeon of Castle
- Bantheuil, the Castle of Maillard
- Banost-Villegagnon, a tower of the Castle
- Barbey, the Castle of Barbey
- Beaumont en Gatinais, the Castle of Beaumont
- Beauvoir, the Castle of Beauvoir
- Bellot, the Castle of Bellot
- Bernay-Vilbert, the Castle of Segrès
- Blandy-les-Tours, the Castle of Blandy-les-Tours, castle-Fortress (Visitable)
- Boissettes, the Castle of Boissettes
- Boissière-école, the Castle of La Boissière
- Boissise la Bertrand, the Castle of Beaulieu, the Castle of Gabriac
- Bombon
The Castle of Bombon
The Field of époisses
The Castle of Montjay

- Bourron-Marlotte, the Castle of Bourron (Visitable)
- Boutigny, the Castle of Bélou, the Castle of Magny Saint Loup (remains)
- Brie-Comte-Robert, the Castle of Brie-Comte-Robert, remains of enclosure of Castle of Brie. Fortified-Castle (Visitable)
- Brières-les-Scellés, the Castle of Brières-les-Scellés, castle transformed in farm.
- Brou-sur-Chantereine, the Castle of Brou sur Chantereine (Visitable)
- La Brosse-Montceaux, the Castle
- Bussières, the Castle of Séricourt,(19th) now a nursing home.
- Bussy Saint Georges, the Castle of Génitoy (IMH)
- Bussy Saint-Martin, the Castle of Rentilly


- Cely, the Castle of Cely
- Cerneux, the Castle of Montglat (IMH)
- Cesson, the Castle of Saint-Leu, the Castle of Bréviandes
- Cessoy en Montois, the Castle of la Briqueterie
- La Celle sur Morin, the Castle of Graville
- Chailly en Bière, the Manor of Roches
- Chamigny, the Castle of Tanqueux, the Castle of Saussay (12th)
- Chalmaison, the Castle of Tachy
- Champagne sur Seine, the Castle of Célestins, the Castle of Graville
- Champcenest, the Castle of Ferreux
- Champeaux, the Castle of Aunoy
- Champs-sur-Marne, the Castle of Champs-sur-Marne, castle (Visitable)
- Chanteloup-en-Brie, the Castle of Fontenelle, the Castle of Louvard
- Les Chappelles-Bourdon, remain of Castle of XVth, a cylindrical tower.
- La Chapelle-Gauthier, the Castle of La Chapelle
- La Chapelle-Iger, the Castle of Champgueffier (Visitable)
- Charny, the Castle of Charny (social housing)
- Château-Landon, the Castle of Chancepoix, small medieval city, the Castle of  Petit Gasson, the Castle-Fortress of Château Landon, the Saint Thugal and Saint-Séverain tower, the Saint-André tower.
- Châtenoy, the Castle of Châtenoy (Remains of Fortified-Castle)
- Le Châtelet-en-Brie, the Castle of Dames
- Chatillon-la-Borde, remains of Castle of La Borde-le-Vicomte.
- Châtres,  the Castle of des Boulayes,  the Castle of Grand-Mesnil.
- Chartrettes,  the Castle of du Pré,  the Castle of Rouillon,  the Castle of Terrasses, the Monperthuis, the gate of the park of Castle of du Buisson, le Vivier
- Chauconin Neufmontiers, the Castle of Martroy (IMH)
- La Chaume-en-Brie
The Castle of Arcy
The Castle of Maurevert
The Castle of  Tourelles
The Castle of  Vivier (remains)

- Chenoise, the Castle of Chenoise, castle of XIIth century, there's again somes buildings, the farm, the entrance of the Castle.
- Chessy, The Castle of Chessy (Company headquaters of SAN - Val d’Europe ), the Chalifest tower.
- Chevry en sereine, the Castle of Chevry
- Chevry-Cossigny, the modern Castle of Chevry and the domain of La Marsaudière, the Castle of Plata
- Choisy-en-Brie, there's a moat and somes turrets of a castle.
- Clayes souilly, the Castle of des tourelles
- Cocherel, the Castle of La Maison Neuve
- Combs la Ville, the Castle of La Fresnaye
- Compans, the Castle of Compans
- Condé sainte-Libiaire, the Castle of Condé sainte-Libiaire
- Congis sur Thérouanne, the Castle of Le Gué à Tresmes
- Crisenoy, the Castle of Crisenoy
- Coulommiers
The Castle of Montanglaust
The farm of Castle of Nolongue
The Farm of Aulnoy-Renault
The Manor of Buisson de Chailly
The feudal Manor
Les Capucins
The Castle of La Duchesse de Longueville.

- Coulomb en Valois, of Castle there's the devecote.
- Courchamp, the Castle of Minimes
- Courcelles en Bassée, the Castle of Montapot
- Courpalay, the Castle of La Grange-Bléneau
- Courquetaine, the Castle of Courquetaine
- Courtry, the Castle of Courtry
- Coutevroult, the Castle of La Brosse, the Castle of Montaumer, the Castle of du Vivier
- Crécy-la-Chappelle, of Castle there's a steeple, the saints tower, remains of enclosure.
- Crèvecoeur-en-Brie, the Castle of Crèvecoeur
- Crisenoy, the Castle of Crisenoy
- Croissy-Beaubourg, remains of Castle of Croissy
- La Croix-en-Brie, the ancient Castle of La Croix
- Crouy-sur-Ourcq
The Castle of Houssoy, there's the dungeon, the ancient fortified-castle.
The Castle of Bellevue
The Castle of Tresnes
The Castle of Champivert
The Castle of Gesvres
The Castle of La Nacelle
The Castle of La Vigne


- Dammarie-lès-Lys, the Castle of Vives Eaux, the Castle of Bellombre.
- Darvault, the Castle of Darvault
- Dhuisy, the Castle of Dhuisy
- Diant, remains of Fortified-Castle of Diant, enclosure, tower,...
- Donnemarie-Dontilly
The Castle of du Plessis
The Castle of Fortbois

- Donnelarie-en-Montois, the Castle of Sigy
- Dormelles, the Castle of Dormelles (remains)
- Douy la ramée, the Castle of Fontaine les Nonnes, the Castle of La Marre


- Ecuelles, the Castle of Ravanne
- Egliny, the Castle of Egligny
- Egreville, the Castle of Egreville or the Castle of Massenet
- Emerainville, the Castle of Emerainville, the Castle of Malnoue
- Esmans, the Castle of Esmans
- Etrépilly, the Castle of Longvilliers
- Evry Grégy sur Yerres, the Castle of Grégy
- Evry-Grisy sur Yerres, the Castle of Evry-le-Plessis


- Fay-les-Nemours, the Castle of Faÿ lès Nemours
- Férolles-Attilly, the Castle of Forcilles Louis XVI, the Castle of Attily, the Castle of La Barre
- Ferrières-en-Brie, the Castle of Ferrières (Visitable)
- La Ferté sous Jouarre
The Castle of Jouy
The Castle of Perlé
The Castle of Condé
The Castle of Péreuse
The Castle of La Bergette
The Castle of Bréau
The Castle of La Barre
The Castle of des Bondons
The Castle of Ile
The Castle of Lagny
The Castle of Abymes

- Flagy, the Castle of Bellefontaine, 18th century
- Fleury-en-Bière, the Castle of Fleury-en-Bière
- Fleury-en-Brière, the Castle of Fleury (MH)
- Fontenay-Trésigny
The Castle of Fontenay
The Castle of Duc d'Epernon
The Castle of La Plumasserie
The Castle of Vivier
The Castle of  Ferté
The Castle of  Gueffler
The Castle of  Chaubuisson
The Castle of  Marquis de Trésigny
The Castle of  Ecoublay
The Castle of  Bellefontaine

- Fontenailles, the Castle of Bois-bourdran
- Forfry, remains of Castle of Boissy
- Forges, the Castle of Forges, the Castle of Plessis
- Fontainebleau, the Castle of Fontainebleau- Palace -(MH)
- The Castle of Fresnes, remains


- Gouai, the Castle of Flamboin (IMH)
- Gouvernes, the Castle of Deuil
- Grandpuits-Bailly-Carrois, the Castle of Grandpuits, Remains of a Castle of XIIth, the Castle of La Salle, there's a farm of fortified-Castle.

- Gretz-Armainvilliers
The Castle of Armainvilliers is a great norman villa normande build at the site of the Castle of Duc de Penthièvre
The Castle of Vignolle
The Castle of Bois-Vignolle
The Castle of Val des Dames
The Castle of Mesnil
The Castle of La roseraie (Destroyed in 1940)
The Castle of Rothschild

- Gretz sur Loing
Ganne tower (rectangular dungeon)
The Castle of Grez sur Loing (MH)
The Castle of Hulay
The Castle of La Bouleaunière

- Grisy-Suisnes
The Castle of La Grange-le-Roy
The Castle of Villemain

- Guérard, the Castle of Guérard (destroyed)
- Guercheville, of Castle of Guercheville there's the devecote
- Guermantes, the Castle of Guermantes
- Guignes, Fortified Farm of Vitry
- Gurcy le Chatel, the Castle of Gurcy is a center to EdF (Electricity of France).


- Hautefeuille, the Castle of Tournelles
- Héricy, the Castle of Barbeau
- La Houssaye-en-Brie, the Castle of Maréchal Augereau, the Castle of Palis, the Castle of La Houssaye (IMH)


- Jablines,the Castle of Platry
- Jaulnes, the Castle of Villeceaux (IMH)
- Jossigny, the Castle of Jossigny (MH)
- Jouarre
The Castle of Bibartault
The Castle of Nolongues (IMH)
The Castle of Péreuse
The Castle of Venteuil

- Jouy le Châtel, the Castle of Vigneau
- Juilly, remains of a tower, the Castle of Lamarquette (destroyed)


- La Chappelle-Gauthier, the Castle of La Chappelle-Gauthier
- Les Chapelles Bourbon, the Castle of Ménillet (IMH), the Castle of Beaumarchais
- La Chapelle-Rablais, the Castle of Moyeux
- Le Chatelêt en Brie, the Castle of Saveleux, the Castle of La Tour des Dionne
- La Chaumes-en-Brie
The Castle of Ecoublay
The Castle of Abbaye
The Castle of Arcy
The Castle of Beauvoir
The Castle of Crenil
The Castle of Forest
The Castle of Grénille - South side
The Castle of La Chalotterie
The Castle of Maurevert

- La Ferté Gaucher, the Castle of Lescherolles, the Castle of Villiers les Maillets, the Castle of Reveillon

- La Genevraye, the Castle of La Tour, the Castle of Berville
- Le Mée sur Seine, the Castle of Mée
- La Rochette, the Castle of La Rochette (IMH)
- Les écrennes, the Castle of La Grande Commune
- Les Marêts,the ancient Castle of Marêts
- Lésigny
The Castle of Romaine
The Castle of Maison-Blanche
The Castle of La Jonchère
The Castle of Lésigny

- Lesches, the Castle of Lesches, the Castle of Montigny
- Lescherolles, the Castle of Lescherolles
- Lizines, a steeple is the own remain of the Castle destroyed by the English in 1425.
- Lizy sur Ourcq, the Castle of Lizy
- Lorrez-Bocage-Préau
The Castle of La Motte (IMH)
The Castle of Comte de Ségur
The Castle of Chevry
The Castle of Paley

- Louan-Villegruis-Fontaine,the Castle of Montaiguillon
- Lumigny (Nesles Ormeaux), the Castle of Lumigny, the Castle of Poncher, the Castle of La Fortelle.


- Maincy, the Castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte (MH)
Maison-rouge, the Castle of Maison-rouge, a manor, the castle of Mitoy (fortified house)
- Marles-en-Brie, the Castle of La Ferté
- Marolles-en-Brie, the Castle of Motteuse, the Castle of Marolles
- Marolles sur Seine, the Castle of Motteux, the Castle of Saint-Donain
- Mauperthuis, a wall
- Mauregard, the farm of Castle
- Meaux, the episcopal palace
- Melun, the Castle of Bouret, the Castle of Gruber, remains of Reine Blanche tower.
- Misy sur Yonne, the Castle of Misy
- Moissy-Cremayel, the Castle of Lugny, the Castle of Cremayel destroyed in 1824
- Montceaux-lès-Meaux, the Castle of Montceaux ou Castle of Reines (remains, MH)
- Montcourt-Fromonville, the Castle of Montcourt
- Montévrain, the Castle of La Grange du Bois
- Montereau-Fault-Yonne
The Fortified-Castle of Montereau (IMH)
The ancient Castle of Montereau
The Castle of Montereau
The Castle of Forges
The Castle of La Brosse
The Castle of Motteux
The Castle of Surville
Remains of enclosure of town

- Montereau, the Castle of Forges
- Montgé en Goële, the Castle of Saint-Thibault, the old Castle
- Montigny sur Loing, the Castle of Sorques
- Montigny-Lencoup, the Castle has been edified in 1749
- Monthyon, the Castle of Monthyon
- Mortcerf, the Castle of Tilleuls, the Castle of Sainte-Avoye, the Castle of Becoiseau (Remains)
- Moret-sur-Loing, the Castle of Moret, the old Castle, the dungeon of XIIth century
- Moret-en-Gatinais, the Castle of Corbeville
- Mormant, remains of the Castle of Mormant, the Castle of Bisseaux
- Moussy-le-Neuf, the Castle of Montcrépin
- Moussy le Vieux, the Castle of Moussy le Vieux


- Nandy, the Castle of Nandy
- Nangis, the Castle of Nangis, the Castle of La Motte Nangis, the fortified-Castle
- Nanteau sur Lunain, the Castle of Nanteau
- Nantouillet, the Castle of Nantouillet (MH) ***
- Nemours, the fortified-Castle of Nemours (MH) (Visitable)
- Neufmoutiers en Brie, the Castle of Neufmoutiers
- Noisy sur Ecole, the Castle of Poisereaux, mentionned in 1388, the Castle of Chambergeot, the Castle of Auvers and the Castle of La Renommière.
- Nonville, the Castle of Nonville
- Noyen sur Seine, the Castle of Noyen (IMH)


- Ocquerre, the Castle of La Trousse
- Ormeaux, remains of Castle
- Orly, the Castle of grignon (Hamlet of grignon), the red Castle (Childhood Home).
- Ozoir la Ferrière, the Castle of La Doutre
- Ozouer-Courquetaine, the Castle of Courquetaine
- Ozouer le Voulgis, the Castle of Ozouer le Voulgis


- Paley,  the Castle of Paley, (Of remains, there's that the medieval enclosure, a devecote, classified in February16, 1987)
- Pamfou,  the Castle of Villiers-Chapuis
- Pécy,  the Castle of Beaulieu, the ancient Castle of Bois-Garnier
- Perthes,  the Castle of La Planche,  the Castle of Mémorant.
- Pierre Levée,  the Castle of Montebise
- Le Plessis Feu Aussous, ruins of a Castle
- Poligny,  the Castle of Saint-Louis
- Pommeuse,  the Castle of Pommeuse,  the Castle of La Colombière
- Pomponne,  the Castle of Pomponne (IMH),  the Castle of Chaalis
- Pontault-Combault
The Castle of Candalle
The Castle of Bois la Croix, private
The Castle of Pontault
The Castle of Combault

- Pouilly-le-Fort, a town of Vert-Saint-Denis, le petit jard,  the Fortified-Castle.
- Presles-en-Brie
The Castle of Villepatour
The pavilion of Guards of Castle of Presles
The old Castle

- Provins, the Castle of La Reine Blanche (IMH), fortified-Castle (Visitable)
- Pringy, the Castle of Montgermont


- Quincy-Voisins, the Castle of Quincy


- Réau, the Castle of Plessis-Picard
Reuil en Brie, the castle of Bréau, the Castle of Tarterel
- Roissy en Brie, the Castle of Roissy en Brie
- Rosay-en-Brie, the Castle of La Fortelle
- Rubelles, the Castle of Rubelles (IMH)
- Rumont, the Castle of Rumont


- Sablonnières, the Castle has been destroyed
- Saints, the Castle of des Côteaux, the Castle of La Tour
- Saint-Barthélemy, the Castle of Villiers-les-Maillets
Saint-Cyr sur Morin, the Castle of Saint-Cyr, the Castle of Charnesseuil
- Saint Germain Laxis, the Castle of Saint Germain Laxis
- Saint-Mars-Vieux-Maisons, remains of Castle
- Saint Méry, the Castle of La Motte
- Saint-Ouen-en-Brie, the Castle of La Brosse
- Saint-ouen sur morin, remains of Castle of La Brosse
- Saint Pierre lès Nemours, the Castle of Bailly, buildings of ancient Castle of  Foljuif (propertry of L'Ecole Normale Supérieure- High School of professor of education)
- Saint-Soupplets, the Castle of Maulny, now mayor
- Saint-Siméon, remains of Castle of Chalendos
- Saint Thibault les vignes, the Castle of Saint-Thibault
- Saintry, the Castle of Champlatreux
- Salins, the Castle of Fresnoy, the Castle of Salins
- Samois sur Seine, the Castle of Bellefontaine
- Samoreau, the Castle of Montmélian
- Sancy-les-Meaux, the Castle of Sancy
- Savigny-le-Temple, the Castle of  La Grange la Prévôté
- Seine-Port, the Castle of Sainte-Assise, the Castle of Bouret, the Castle of Croix fontaine
- Servon, the Castle of Servon, the Castle of Villemenon
- Sigy, the Castle of Sigy
- Sivry-Courtry, the Castle of Courtry, the Castle of Sivry (IMH), the Castle of Villemain
- Soisy-Bouy/Montramé, the Castle of Montramé
- Souppes sur Loing, the Castle of Souppes sur loing, the Castle of Cercanceaux and the ruins Castle of  Mée


- Tigeaux, the Castle of Bellevue, the Castle of Bessy
- Thomery, the Castle of By, the Castle of  La Rivière (17th century).
- Thorigny sur Marne, the Castle of des Fontaines
- Torcy, the Castle of des charmettes, the Castle of Rentilly
- Tournan-en-Brie, the Castle of Garlande, the Castle of Les Boulayes
- Thoury-Férottes, the Farm of the fortress
- Trilbardou, the Castle of Trilbardou
- Trocy-en-Multion, remains of potiers de Gesvres.
- Trosnes, the Castle of du Gué (IMH)


- Ury, the Castle of Le bois-Joly


- Vaucourtois, the Castle of Vaucourtois
- Vaudoy-en-Brie
The Castle of Courtavenel, destroyed near 1864.
The Castle of Glaise
The Castle of Tilloy
The Castle of Courtave

- Vaux-le-Pénil, the feudal-Castle of Vaux
- Verdelot, the Castle of Launoy-Renault
- Verneuil l'Etang, the Castle of Vernouillet
- Vernou-la-Celle, the Castle of Graville
- Villecerf, the Castle of Challeau or Challuau or Saint-Ange, remains of foundations of Castle of Bézelet.
- Villemareuil, the Castle of Brinches
- Villeneuve sur Bellot, the Castle of Villeneuve
- Villeneuve Saint Denis, the Castle of La Guette
- Villeparisis, the Castle and the domain of Morfondé
- Ville Saint-Jacques, the Castle of La Brosse
- Villevaudé, the Castle of du Poitou
- Villiers-en-Bière, the Castle of Fortoiseau, the Castle of Bréau
- Villiers saint-Georges, the Castle of Flaix, the Castle of Villiers Saint-Georges
- Villiers sur Morin, the Castle of des Dames de Chelles
- Voisenon, the Castle of Voisenon, the Castle of du Jard
- Voinsles, the Castle of du Breuil
- Voulton, the Castle of du Houssay
- Vulaines sur Seine, the Castle of des Brûlys, the Castle of Vulaines, say old Castle, has burnt in the fightings in August 1944.

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