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Links of Culture and Tourism in Ile de France region

The Heritage and the cultural Tourism:

Bank of datas on heritage and  cultural tourism:

A website on Oise department (Field of Chantilly, the Forest, a lot of Castles...) :

Beautiful website on tourism in Ile-de-France region:

Beautiful pictures of Castles:

Pictures of towns, etc... in north of the Loire:

Maps of France from year 01 to year 2000:

The Archirès' network of ministry of the culture:

Somes audio-guides for exhibitions of museum (For exemple, the museum of Castle of Fontainebleau), the exhibitions, the art...

Tourism in Loire valley:

Shows, stories, movies in Castle of Barbe Bleue in Tiffauges (dept 85130);

The Castles,  the Ile-de-France region in poetry....

A romantic color to the towns, the Castles...

A romantic path to the Castles in Ile-de-France region:

UA romantic path to Ile de France region:

A romantic color of Parks and Basins:

A romantic color to the news towns:

A romantic color to Boissy-saint-Léger:

Somes websites to discover Castles, :

Website I discover France:

Website France ballade (France ballad):

Castles Houses:

The Heritage hospital of AP-HP (Public Assistance - Hospital of Paris)

Tour around wine and Castles:

Town of Blois country of Chambord:

Castles Mansions:

In the chain of hotels Castles Homes Tradition and Big Steps Vineyards, it is a tradition of hospitality that we especially wish: to give our time to serve you better.

Special places, hotels and restaurants built in the tradition of castles, old houses, mills, and also good restaurants located in wine country, will give you the quiet relaxing break or you are seeking.

Stays at the Castles:

Stays at the castle propose you combine the pleasures visit our two provinces of Auvergne and Limousin and reside in our castles in unusual guest rooms.

Pleased to find two captivating regions of the Massif Central, pleasure of staying out of time in castles character (buildings, monuments) where their owners will give you a warm and natural welcome.

They will share with you their passion for old buildings, heritage and region they know every nook and cranny.,1,2600.html

The historic road of writers houses:

The most beautiful build of France:

The Résidences of French republic:

Buildings account of Kings, royal Castles and Fine Art:

Website Passion des châteaux (passion of Castles):
This website is dedicated at private Castles of France, and more especially dedicated to those who are unknown to the public. Auvergne there holds a prominent place, research is especially focused on the Puy-de-Dome. The most famous at least known of the castle (often in ruins) in the 19th-century castle, this is the history of France that speaks. It would be a shame to miss. So let us guide you throughout "The Passion of Castles".

A website dedicated enthusiasts to castles, medieval:

This site is dedicated to lovers of the Middle Ages, history lovers, tales, myths and legends, Passion armor, haumes, spears and claymores, Passion dragons, unicorns, griffins, manticores, Passion by Celts, fairies, Camelot, Arthur, fantasy Passion of reading, movies, musicians, craftsmen, dealers, players, jugglers, and other calligraphers Here

Field of Barons de Rotschild (Lafite):

Digital resources and fund online, website de la BNF (National library of France):

The historic towns in Ile-de-France region:

Tourism Offices of departments and Ile de France region:

Somes historic towns to see, to visit in Ile-de-France region:

Pictures of Ile-de-France:

The towns of art and history in Ile-de-France:

The architecture and the heritage:

Ballads in the Field of Chamarande (Castle where there's somes shows and exhibitions of art);

 History of Essonne, the commons spaces;

The heritage of Essonne department:

Etampes, royal town:

Association "Un Chemin Historique et Touristique en Ile-de-France":

- The website of the Association:

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