Friday, 9 August 2013

Alexandre Dumas and the Castle of Monte-Christo

Over the days, joys, tears, wisest most intense moments, we came here to snuggle, feel so close, so far, that time was not enough, that one second, a long time would have been better to know, to see, to understand more ....

Alexandre Dumas lived in this castle, he wrote, the three musketeers, among other things, other novels. This castle became his favorite place of work, he spent several months in a quiet

Quadrangle flanked by towers and a square keep, you're there, right there, at the edge of a park, the corner of the city, without prayer this country would be well lost ... Quadrilateral, L, U, wiser also a heritage sense, there in the middle of a forest, located rebirth, lair of a dream, a dream, a story was written, thought, lived ... In you, many thoughts, dreams were modeled Chateau de Monte Cristo ....

The castle of Monte Cristo is a charming fully sculpted to facades. The history, nature and soul of the writer are everywhere: floral patterns, angels, musical instruments and weapons rub shoulders various strange animals. Above each window on the ground floor, Alexandre Dumas has placed a portrait of playwright of all time. A place of honor, above the front door, Alexandre Dumas himself seems to welcome his guests. On the pediment spread out arms of his ancestors and his personal motto "I love who loves me." Finally, pinnacles atop the two towers of the castle are adorned with intertwined initials of the writer.

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