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The Castles of Yvelines Department

- The Yvelines Department, 78;

The Castle of Groussay in Montfort-L'Amaury


* Ablis, remain of manor of La Castaigne
* Adainville, the Castle of La Jaunière
* Andrésy, the Castle of du Fa
* Aigremont, the Castle of Aigremont
* Allainville aux bois, the ancient Castle of Erainville (the farm and main building).
* Andelu, the Castle has been dismembered by the construction of the D45 road, stay 2 pavilions.
* Antouillet, the Castle of Antouillet
* Arnouville-les-Mantes, the Castle of Binanville
* Aubergenville, the Castle du vivier, the Castle of Acosta (destroyed)
* Auffargis, the Castle of La Fontaine, the Castle of Villequoy, the Castle of Vindrins
* Auffreville-Brasseuil, the Castle of Auffreville


* Bailly, the Castle of Bailly
* Bazemont, the left side of the Castle (IMH)
* Béhoust, the Castle of Béhoust
* Beynes, the Castle of Beynes, Visitable
* Blaru, the Castle of Blaru, the Castle of Saint-Adjutor
* Bonnelles, the Castle of Bonnelles
* Boinville-le-Gaillard, the Castle of Bréau sans Nappe
* Boinvilliers, a turret of angle of the ancient Castle of Jean Arnoult and des Brèthe, demolished in 1842
* La Boissière-École, the Castle of La Boissière
* Bonnelles
The Castle of Bonnelles (remains)
The Castle of des clos
The Castle of Bissy

* Bougival, the Castle of La jonchère
* Bourdonné, the Castle of Bourdonné
* Breuil-en-Véxin
The Castle of Brueil
The Castle of Marais
The Castle of La Chartre
Buildings of ancient Castle of lord in Brueil

* Bréthencourt, remains of the polygonal enclosure and a dungeon.
* Brueil en Vexin, a fortified farm, the buildings of the ancient lord, a dovecote, etc...
* Buc
The Castle of Haut-Buc
The Castle and the Field of La Sauvegarde
The Castle of Buc
The Castle La Guerinière

* Bullion, the Castle of Guédone, the Castle of Ronqueux


* Carrières-sur-Seine, the ancient Castle of Carrières Saint-Denis, now the mayor.
* Carrières sous Poissy, the Castle of Champfleury
* Cernay, the Castle of abbey of Vaux-le-Cernay, the Castle of Charmes , the Castle of Cernay
* Chambourcy, the Castle of Chambourcy, le désert de Retz
* Châteaufort, the Castle of La Geneste, the Castle of Gavoy, the Field of Orce.
* Chatou
The Castle of pièce d'eau
For the Castle of Chatou, remain of la Nymphée
The Pavilion of Castle of La Faisanderie

* Chevreuse, the Castle of Méridon, the Castle of La Madeleine, fortified castle, visitable.
* Choisel, the Castle of Breteuil
* Clairefontaine
The Castle of La voisine or Castle Ricard
The Castle of Saint-Rémy des Landes
The Castle of Bénédictines
The Castle of Montjoye (property of FFF)
The destroyed Castles: The Castle of Maubuisson, The Castle des Bruyères, The Castle du Mesnil

* La Celle Saint-Cloud
The Castle of La Celle say so, small castle.
The Castle of Beauregard
The Castle of La chataigneraie

* La Celle-les-Bordes, the Castle of La Celle, The Castle of des Bordes
* Le Chesnais
The Castle of Bellevue
The Castle of Chesnaie
The Castle of Bel-Air

* Les Clayes-sous-Bois, the Castle of Les Clayes-sous-Bois, a tower, buildings.
* Condé sur vesgre, remains of Castle of Rouvray
* Conflans Sainte Honorine, the Castle of Prieuré (IMH), the Castle of Théméricourt, the Montjoie tower
* Courgent, the Castle of Courgent
* Cravent, the Castle of Cravent
* Crespières, the Castle of des Marais, the Castle of Sautour, the Castle of Wideville
* Croissy sur Seine, the Castle of Croissy


* Dampierre-en-Yvelines, theCastle of Dampierre, (IMH) visitable
* Dennemont, remains of castle and enclosure wall.


* Ecquevilly
The Castle of Romainville
The Castle of Fresne
The Castle of O
The Castle of Ecquevilly, mayor.

* Émancé, the Castle of Sauvage (Visitable), The Castle of Montlieu
* Épône, The Castle of Épône, The Castle of Créqui
* Evecquemont, remains of the Castle of Roussay


* Flins sur Seine, the Castle of Flins
* Fontenay-Monvoisin, remains of Castle fondu
* Fontenay Saint Père, the Castle of Mesnil (MH)
* Feucherolles, in forest of Marly, the Castle of Montjoie, the Castle of Noisy,  the Castle of Retz.


* Gaillon sur Moncient, the Castle of La Chouette
* Galluis, the Castle of Lieutel
* Gambais, the field and the Castle of Neuville, the CastleTrompette
* Gambaiseuil, the Castle of Gambaiseuil
* Garancières, the Castle of du Breuil, the Castle of du Moulinet, remains of Fresnay tower.
* Gargenville, the Castle of Rangiport, the Castle of Hanneucourt (IMH)
* Gazeran
The fortified Castle of Saint-Antoine
The Castle of Gueville
The Castle of La Tour

* Goupillières, the Castle of Goupillières
* Goussonville, the Castle of Goussonville
* Grignon, the Castle of Grignon
* Grosrouvre, the Castle of La Mormaire, remains of the enclore of castle with 4 towers.


* Hardricourt, the Castle of des Tourelles
* Herbeville, the Castle of Boulémont
* Houdan, the Dungeon of Houdan, Visitable


* Issou, the Castle of Issou


* Jambville, the Castle of Jambville
* Jouars-Pontchartrain, the Castle of Pontchartrain
* Jouy-en-Josas
The Castle of  Canrobert, 19 th century.
The Castle of Jouy
The Castle of Mallet
The Castle of Vilvert
The Castle of l'églantine
The Field of La cour Roland
The Field of Moncel
The Castle of Montebello
The Castle of Vauboyen

* Juziers, the Castle of Bourg, the Castle of La Sergenterie.


* La Boissière École, the Castle of La Tremblage, the Castle of La Boissière (MH) ***
* Les Bréviaires, the Castle of small park, the Castle of La Mare ***
* La Celle les Bordes , the Castle of des Bordes, the Castle of La Celle (IMH)
* La Celle Saint-Cloud, the Castle of La Celle (MH), the Castle of Beauregard
* Le Chesnay
The Castle of Haut-Bel-air
The Castle of Chesnay
The Castle of Bellevue

* Les Essarts le Roi, the Castle of Artoire
* L'Etang la Ville, the Castle of l'Etang la Ville
* La Falaise, the Castle of La Falaise
* Les Loges-en-Josas, the Castle of des cotes
* Le Mesnil Saint-Denis, the Castle du Mesnil Saint-Denis (IMH), The Castle des Grands Ambésis
* Le Mesnil-le-Roi, the door of the forest, the Orangery of the Castle du Mesnil
* Les Mesnuls, the Castle des Mesnuls (MH), the Castle of Blainvilliers
* Les Mureaux, the Castle of Becheville, the Castle of L'Oseraie, the Mezy tower.
* Le Pecq, the Castle of Grandchamp
* Le Perray en Yvelines, the Castle of Saint Hubert
* Le Port Marly, the Castle of Monte Cristo (IMH), the Castle of Lions (MH)
* La Queue lez Yvelines, the Castle of Guay, the Castle of La Queue les Yvelines (IMH), the Castle of La Couharde
* Le Tremblay sur Mauldre, the Castle of Tremblay (MH) ***
* La Verrière, the Castle of La vérrière
* La Villeneuve en Chevrie, the Castle of La Gastin
* Lévis Saint-Nom
The Castle of La cour-Lévis (MH)
The Castle of Laboissière-Beauchamp
The Castle of Crussol
A fortified castle has been build in 16th century.

* Limay
The Castle of Celestins (IMH)
The Castle of Moussets

* Longvilliers, the Castle of Plessis-Marly, of Plessis Mornay (IMH)
* Louveciennes
The Castle of Madame du Barry (MH)
The Castle of Pont (IMH)
The Castle of Voisins
The Castle of Vernes
The Castle of La Princesse de Conti (IMH)
The Castle of Prunay
The Castle of Beauséjour
The Castle of Sources
The Castle of Louveciennes (IMH)
Remains of a bridge of middle-age field


* Magnanville, the Castle of Magnanville
* Magny le Hameaux, the Castle of Merantais, the Castle of Brouessy, the Castle of Magny-le-Hameau
* Maisons-Laffitte, the Castle of Maisons (MH)
* Maintenon, the Castle of Maintenon
* Mantes-la-Jolie, the Castle of Mantes (Destroyed), Saint-Maclou tower, Saint-Martin tower.
* Marcq,  the Castle of Marcq
* Mareil le Guyon, the Castle of Mareil le Guyon
* Mareil sur Mauldre, of Castle of Mareil/Mauldre, the remains are, a round tower and the remains of enclosure, the Castle of Tilleuls.

* Marly-le-Roi
Remains of Castle of Marly
Remains of pavilion of lords
The Castle of Verduron
The Castle of Val Flory
The Castle of Ombrages
The Castle of Wesweiller
The ancient kennel of king
The house of Alexandre Dumas son
The farm of trou d'enfer (Farm of Castle)

* Maule
The Castle of Agnou (IMH)
The Castle of Hagnou (IMH)
The Castle of Maule
The Castle of Buat, Visitable
The Manor say Castle of Bois de la Garde
The Castle of La Rolanderie
The Castle of Saint Vincent (MH)

* Maulette, The Castle of Maulette
* Maurecourt, The Castle of Fay, the Castle of Maurecourt
* Maurepas, the Dungeon of Maurepas

* Médan, The Castle of Médan (IMH) ***, the Castle of Ronsard Maeterlinck (IMH)
* Ménerville, Remains of Castle
* Le Mesnil-le-Roi
The Castle of Val
The Castle of Champfleur
The Castle of Vaux

* Meulan, on a on a hill, near a church, the remains of a castle. A wall, a fortified church, the remains of fortifications, a hunting lodge.
* Mézy sur Seine, the Castle of Mézy (IMH)
* Millémont, the Castle of Millémont (MH)
* Milon-la-Chapelle, the Castle of Vert-Cœur, the Castle of Abzac
* Mittainville, the Castle of Launay
* Montainville, the mayor is occuped by le "Logis du Capitaine"
* Montceaux-les-Meaux, the buildings of the Castle and the remains of Castle.
* Montchauvet, the Castle of Trois Fontaines, propriété privée, the Castle of Comtal,  the Castle of Monchauvet, 12rd century and remains of dungeon.
* Montfort-L'Amaury
The Castle of Montfort or Anne-de-Bretagne tower
the Castle of Groussay (MH)

* Montigny-le-Bretonneux, the Castle of Montigny
* Morainvilliers-Bures
The Castle of Bénainvilliers
The Castle of Saint-André à Bures
The Castle of Val-Joli à Bures
The Castle of Morainvilliers


* Neaufle-le-Château, the Castle of Verbois
* Neauphle le Vieux, the Castle of Neauphle le Vieux, the Castle of l'Abbaye
* Noisy le Roi, the Castle of Noisy le Roi (IMH)


* Orgerus, the Castle of Montplaisant and the Castle of Ifs, the entrance of the Castle of Orgerus

* Orgeval, the Castle of La Brunetterie, the Castle of Orgeval, the Castle of La Verte Salle
* Orphin, the Castle of La Plaine, the Castle of Haut-Orphin, the ancient manor of Cercqueuse
* Orsonville, the Castle of Orsonville


* Paray Douaville, the Castle of Douaville
* Pedreauville, the Castle of Beurons
* Plaisir, the Castle of Plaisir (MH)
* Poigny la Forêt, the Castle of Petit Poigny
* Poissy, the Castle of Villiers, the Castle of La Coudraie
* Port-Marly, the Castle of Monte-Cristo (Visitable), the Castle of Lions
* Port-Royal des Champs, the field of Granges
* Prunay-en-Yvelines
The Castle of Gourville (MH)
The Castle of Faures
A dungeon
The Sarrasine tower
The Bas Prunay tower


* La Queue-en-Yvelines, the Castle of La Couharde


* Raizeux, the Castle of La Baste
* Rambouillet, the Castle of Rambouillet (MH)
* Richebourg, the Castle of Richebourg, a fortified farm.
* Rochefort-en-Yvelines, the Castle of Rochefort, remains of the fortress, the Castle of Louis XIII (IMH), the Castle of Porgès
* Rocquencourt, grids of entrance of Castle (IMH)
* Rolleboise, the Castle of La Corniche
* Rosay, the Castle of haut-Rosay (MH), the Manor of Moulin des Foulons
* Rosny-sur-Seine, the Castle of Rosny,  the Castle of Sully (MH)
* Rueil Malmaison, the Castle of La Malmaison


* Saint-Arnoult en Yvelines,remains of Castle of Bainville-le-Gaillard, the Castle of Mesnil, the Castle of l'Aleu.
* Saint-Forget, the Castle of Mauvières (Visitable,IMH), the Castle of Becquencourt (IMH)
* Saint-Germain-en-Laye
The Castle of Hennemont
The Castle of Val (MH)
The Castle of Saint-Germain-en-Laye or Château-Vieux (Visitable) (MH)
The pavilion of la Muette

* Saint-Hilarion, the Castle of Voisins (Visitable)(MH), the Castle of Rossay
* Saint Illiers le Bois, the Castle of Saint Illiers le Bois
* Saint-Léger-en-Yvelines, the Castle of Saint-Léger, remains of a Castle build by Philippe Auguste, the Castle of Haras.
* Saint-Martin-des-Champs, the portal of the Castle of Corbeville
* Saint-Martin de Bréthencourt, remains of dungeon.
* Sainte-Mesme, the Castle of Sainte Mesme (MH), remains of Castle dating of 15th, near a buildings surrounded by a moat of 17th century.
* Saint-Nom la Bretèche, the Castle of Bretèche
* Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse
The Castle of Coubertin (Visitable, IMH)
The Castle of Montgomery
The Castle of Chevincourt
The Castle of Bénédictins
The Castle of petit-Chevincourt
The Castle of Vaugien (IMH)
Le Prieuré

* Sailly, The Castle of Sailly, say so Castle of La Moncient
* Senlisse, The Castle of La cour Senlisse (IMH)
* Septeuil, remains gallo-roman of II and IV th century, la nymphée de Septeuil, the Castle of tourelles (Society the Castle of La garenne, the Castle of Septeuil. the Castle of Saint-Corentin  of place-called Saint-Corentin.
* Soindres, the Castle of L'Isle, The Castle of Mesnil Aubourg
* Sonchamp
The Castle of Pinceloup (IMH)
The Castle of Grandville
The Castle of Greffiers
The Manor of La Tourelle


* Théméricourt, the Castle of Théméricourt
* Thiverval-Grignon, the Castle of Grignon (IMH)
* Thoiry, the Castle of Thoiry (Visitable)(IMH)
* Tilly, the Castle of Tilly (IMH)
* Toussus-le-Noble, the Castle of Toussus
* Trappes, the farm of Castle of Trappes
* Tremblay sur Mauldre, La Humière, remains of Castle of 11th century.
* Triel-sur-Seine, the Castle of Triel (disepear), the Castle of La Tour


* Vaux sur Seine, the Castle of Vaux (IMH), the Artois pavilion, a tank, the Martinière house, the Castle of  l'Oubli,etc.
* Verneuil sur Seine, the Castle of Romé
* Vernouillet, lthe Castle of Vernouillet
* Le Vésinet, the Castle of Merlettes
* Versailles
The Castle of Versailles
Le Grand Trianon
Le Petit Trianon

* Villennes-sur-Seine, the Castle of Villennes,the Castle of Migneaux, the Castle of Acqueville
* Villepreux, the Castle of Villepreux, the Castle of grande Maison (IMH), le the Castle of Sources
* Villiers-le-Mahieu
The Castle of Villiers-le-Mahieu (IMH)
The Castle of Launay, Visitable

* Voisins le Bretonneux, the Castle of La Frossardière, the Castle of Voisins, le Bretonneux


The Fortified-Castles;

* Chevreuse, the Castle of La Madeleine (IMH)
* Gazeran, the Castle of Saint Antoine
* Houdan, the Dungeon of Houdan (MH) ***
* Les Clayes sous Bois, the Castle of des Clayes sous Bois
* Lévis Saint Nom, the Castle of Lévy (IMH)
* Montfort l'Amaury, the Castle of Montfort l'Amaury (MH)
* Orcemont, the Castle of Chatelliers
* Poissy, the Castle of Bethemont
* Rochefort en Yvelines, the Castle of Rochefort en Yvelines (IMH)
* Saint Germain en Laye, the Castle of Saint Germain en Laye (MH) ***
* Saint Léger en Yvelines, the Castle of Saint Léger en Yvelines
* Saint Martin Bréthencourt, the Castle of Bréthencourt

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