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The Castles of Val-de-Marne department

- The Val de Marne department, 94;

- The Castle of Grosbois in Boissy-Saint-Léger


- Ablon sur Seine, the Castle of Ablon
- Arceuil, the Castle of  des Ducs de Guise, the Castle of  Marquis de la place


- Boissy-Saint-Léger,  the Castle of Grosbois
- Bonneuil,  the Castle of Rancy
- Bry sur Marne, the Castle of  Bry, the Castle of  Soeurs de Saint-Thomas-de-villeneuve, actually school say Saint-Thomas-de-villeneuve institut.


- Cachan
The Castle say fief des Arcs
The ancient castle of Marquis de Saxo
The Castle of Saint-Germain-des-Près

- Champigny sur Marne, the Castle of Coeuilly, the Castle of Saint-Claude, the Castle of Les Verrous
- Charenton-le-Pont,  the Castle of Bercy, remains in the Bercy park, the Castle of Conflans (destroyed in 19 century)
- Chennevières
The Castle of l'étape
The Castle of La Maillarde
The Castle of des Retz

- Chevilly-la-Rue, the Castle of Madam of Pompadour
- Choisy-le-Roi, the pavilion of Louis XV, the ancient guard house ( actually mayor)- the Castle of La faïencerie say Hippolyte Boulenger et Cie, house, actually concerted housing estate say housing estate of Park. The Castle of Choisy le Roi (IMH), the royal castle (IMH).

- Créteil, the Castle of des Méches (House of prefect), the Castle of des Buttes.


- Fontenay-Sous-Bois, the Castle of Fontenay
- Fresnes, the Castle of Fresnes, the Castle of Berny, the Castle of Tourvoie


- Gentilly, the Castle of Beauvais


- La Queue en Brie, the Castle of Hermitage (IMH), the Castle of Marmousets (IMH)
- L'hay-les-Roses, an entrance pavilion, remain of Castle of Larrounès dating of 19 century. The Castle of Saint Vincent de Paul.
- Le Plessis-Trévise, a tower say Tower Pentray dating of 19 century  XIXième Siécle was acompagnied by an anecdote that wanted the Pentray tower was build in granite while the property was baptized for a times, the Castle of Pierrefort.
- Limeil-Brévannes
The Castle of Limeil-Brévannes (IMH)
The hospital Emile Roux has been build on the field of Castle which has hosted an hospice with a dispensary.
The Castle of La Grange du milieu
The Castle of Limeil
The Castle of Coulanges
The Castle of La Tourelle


- Mandres-les-Roses, the Castle of Beauséjour, the Castle of Mandres
- Maisons-Alfort, the Castle of Reghat(IMH), remains of Castle of Charentonneau (IMH) dating of 10 century.
- Marmoussets, the Castle of des Marmoussets
- Marolles en Brie, the Castle of du Buisson (IMH), the Castle of du Prieuré (IMH)


- Nogent sur Marne
The Castle of Smith-Champion, it's actually the property of the National Foundation of the graphic and plastic art ( Fondation nationale de arts graphiques et plastiques).
The Castle of Plaisance
The Castle of Nogent
The Castle of Beauté sur Marne

- Noiseau, the Castle has been destroyed, only remaining  farm.


- Orly, the Castle of Grignon, the Castle of Guérin
- Ormesson sur Marne, the Castle of Ormesson, formerly called Castle of Amboille(MH)


- Le Plessis-Trévise
The Castle of des Tourelles
The field of du Plessis-Saint-Antoine
The field of La Lande and the Castle of La Lande
The Castle of du Bois-Lacroix
The Castle of Val-Roger

- Périgny sur Yerres, the Castle of Périgny le petit(IMH), the Castle of Périgny le Grand


- La Queue-en-Brie, remains of dungeon.

- Quincy sous Sénart, the ancient Castle of Quincy


- Rocquencourt, the Castle of Rocquencourt, entry gate.


- Santeny, the Castle say dit La Commanderie, the Castle of Santeny, the small Castle of du Rollet, the Castle of Choigny, the Castle of Lions.

- Saint-Maur des Fossés
The Castle of Schaken
The Castle of Saint-Maur
The Castle of Cardinal de Bellay
The Castle say du Sacré-Coeur
A tower say of Rabelais dating of 14 century, and somes remains of town fortification.

- Septeuil
The Castle of des Tourelles (Society of pension-chevaux,, also exist)
The Castle of La Garenne (also exist)
The Castle of Septeuil
The Castle of Saint-Corentin.

- Sucy-en-Brie
The Castle of Montaleau
The Castle of petit-Val
The Castle of Lambert (MH)
The Castle of Berc (MH)
The Castle of Maison Haute




- Valenton, remains of Field of La Tourelle, 18 century, actually a grid  and her town walls. The Castle of des Chamilles, the Castle of Valenton(MH).

- Villecresnes
The Castle of Villecresnes
The Castle of Desmarais
The Castle say the Field
The Castle of Gaillard
Somes build of Castles of Cerçay

- Villejuif, the Castle of Saint-Roman
- Villeneuve Saint-Georges, the Castle of Beauregard, the Castle of Bellevue (destroyed), the Castle of  Belleplace.
- Villiers sur Marne, the Castle Moderne
- Vincennes, the Castle of Vincennes (MH)
- Vitry sur Seine, the Castle of Vitry





The Castles in other department of ile-de-France region:

91, The Essonne:

92, The Hauts-de-Seine:

93, The Seine-Saint-Denis:

95, The Val d'Oise:

77, The Seine-et-Marne:

78, The Yvelines:

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