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The Castles of Seine-Saint-Denis Department

- The Seine-Saint-Denis Department, 93;

- The Castle of La Duchesse de Cayla


- Aulnay,the Castle of trianon, the Castle chansonnia, the Castle has been building near 1650, restaured in 1869, he hes been demolished near 1910.

- Aubervilliers, the Castle of Vivier, the Castle of des vertus 18th


- Bagnolet

The Castle of Bagnolet (1700), The castle is today the site of the existing Novotel and the fact remains that le pavillon de l'Hermitage.
The Castle of l'Etang
The Castle of Gournay

- Le Blanc-Mesnil,the Castle Bleu, the Castle of Blanc-Mesnil

- Bobigny, the Castle of Bobigny, the manor-Castle of Beauregard

- Bondy, the Castle of Bondy, 1695, the Castle of La Garenne (1720)


- Clichy sous Bois, the Castle of Clichy,1790, then the Castle of La Terrasse, the Castle of Vicomte de Peuységur


 - Drancy, The Castke of Drancy, 1650. The Castle of Ladoucette


- Epinay-sur-Seine, the Castle of La Biche, the Castle of Marquis de Terrail


- Gagny, the Castle of Maison-Blanche, the Castle of Maison Rouge, the Castle of Montguichet, the Castle of François Normand
- Gournay, the Castle of Gournay


- La Courneuve, the Castle of Sainte-Foy (16 century) restored and destroyed, the Castle of Champourtel (1650).

- Les Lilas,the Castle (1690).

- Le Raincy,the Castle, Built in 1640, was demolished in 1819.

- Livry-Gargan, the Castle of Livry rased in 1836, 1864, the Castle of La forêt, the Castle say de Madame de Sevigné is in really the abbaye de Livry.


- Montfermeil, the Montfermeil manor, the castle of des Cédres, the Petit Chateau, or house Bourlon (1635), the great castle, the little castle.

- Montreuil, The Castle of Montreau actually the Museum of alive history, the Castle of Tillemont (1660).


- Neuilly sur Marne, the Castle of Guérin
- Neuilly-Plaisance, the House of Napoléon, the Castle of Avron (1645)
- Noisy-le-Grand, the Castle of Noisy (destroy).
- Noisy-le-Sec, the Castle of Noisy (1775), demolished in 1864.



- Pantin, the Castle say " de la seigneurie", ancient manor(1650).



- Romainville, the castle is build in 1630


- Saint-Ouen
The Castle of Rohan-Soubise
The Castle of Boisfranc
The Castle of La duchesse de Cayla
The Castle of Saint-Ouen

- Sevran, the Castle of La Fossée, the Castle of Sevran

- Stains,the Castle has been building in 1720. The Castle of La Motte, destroy in 1819.


-Tremblay en France
The Castle of La Queue (1660)
Castle Bleu say castle of Tournelles



- Vaujours, the ancient castle of Vaujours, the Castle Mathieu.
- (Le) Vert-Galant, the Castle of Vert-Galant 1750
- Villemonble, the stately castle
- Villepinte, the Castle of villepinte (1640) called appelé under the name of château Bignon. The château rouge.
- Villetaneuse, the Castle of Villetaneuse (1650), demolished near 1872.





The Castles in other department of ile-de-France region:

91, The Essonne:

92, The Hauts-de-Seine:

94, The Val-de-Marne:

95, The Val d'Oise:

77, The Seine-et-Marne:

78, The Yvelines:

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