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The Castles in Essonne

- The Essonne department, 91;

The castle of Baville


- Angerville, the castle of Dommerville
- Angervilliers (disepear in 19th century)
- Athis-Mons
The castle of Athis (IMH)
The Castle of Chaiges
The Castle of Ozonville

- Auvers-Saint-Georges, thee Fief of Gravelle
- Avrainville, the Castle of Avrainville


- Ballainvilliers, the Castle of Ballainvilliers
- Ballancourt sur Essonne, the Castle of Saussay
- Bièvres
The Castle of Bièvres
The Castle of Monteclain
The Castle Favreuse
The Castle of La Martinière
The Castle of Silvy
The Castle of Bel-air
The Castle of La Roche-dieu
The Castle des Roches
The Castle of Vaudoyen

- Boissy-la-Rivière, the Castle of Bierville
- Boissy-le-Sec, the Castle of Boissy-le-Sec
- Boissy-sous-Saint-Yon,the fief des Tourelles, ancient castle des Tourelles
- Bourray sur Juine, the Castle ofe frémigny, the Castle of Mesnil-Voisin
- Boutervilliers, the Castle of Boutervilliers
- Boutigny sur Essonne, the Castle of Belesbat (IMH)
- Bouville, the Castle of Farcheville
- Brétigny sur Orge
The Castle of La Fontaine
The Castle of La Garde

- Breuillet, the Castle of Chapitre
- Briis sous Forge, A square tower was converted into housing and then rebuilt in the nineteenth and restored in the twentieth.
- Bruyères-le-Chatel
The castle of Bruyères
The castle of Amy
The Castle of Bruyères sous Bois
The Castle of Arny
The Castle of Morionville
The Castle du Rué

- Buno-Bonnevaux
The Castle of Bonnevaux
The Castle of Moignanville

- Bures sur Yvette
The Castle of Bures
The Castle of Grand-Mesnil
The Castle of La vierge
The Castle of La Guyonnerie
The Castle of Montjay
The Bois-Marie.


- Cerny
The Castle of Villiers
The Castle of Presles
The Castle of Orgemont

- Chalo Saint-Mars
The Castle of Tronchet
The Castle of Grand Saint-Mars
The Castle of Longueboise

- Chamarande, the Castle of Chamarande
- Champmotteux, the Castle of Vignay
- Cheptainville, the Castle of Cheptainville
- Chilly-Mazarin, the castle of Chilly, the fief of Bel-Abord (castle destroy)
- Corbeil-Essonne, the castle of Chantemerle
- Coudray-Montceaux, Le château de Montceaux
- Courances, the Castle of Courances
- Courdimanche sur Essonne, the Castle of Belesbat
- Courson, the Castle of Courson, formerly Cincehours


- Dourdan, the dungeon of Castle of Grillon and the fortifications
- Draveil
The Castle of des Bergeries
The Castle of Paris
The Castle of Villiers (Castle destroy) (IMH)
The Castle des Sables


- Echarcon, the Castle of Echarcon
- Egly, the Castle of Villelouvette
- Epinay sur Orge,the fief of Sillery
- Etampes
The Castle of du petit Saint-Mars
The Castle of Etampes
The Castle of Valnay
The Castle of Vauroux
The Castle of Bourgneuf

- Etrechy, the Castle of Villeconin
- Evry
The Castle of Beauvoir
The Castle of Mousseau
The Castle of La Grange Feu Louis
The Castle of des Tourelles
The Castle of Grand-Bourg
The Castle of Petit-Bourg (remain)
The Castle of Evry-le-Plessis
The Castle of Grégy sur Yerre, burned in 1943
The Castle of Neubourg (Destroy)


- Fontenay le Vicomte
The Castle of Fontenay

- Forge-les-Bains
The Castle of La Halette
The Castle of de Forge-les-Bains
The Castle of ardillières
The Castle of Pivot


- Gif-sur-Yvette
The Castle of Gif sur Yvette
The Castle of Mérault
The Castle of Buton
The Castle of Belleville
The Castle of Val-Fleurie
The Castle of l'Ermitage

- Gironville sur Essonne, the Castle of Gironville
- Gournay, the Castle of Gournay
- Grigny, the Castle of l'Arbalète ***
- Guigneville sur Essonne, the Castle of La Michaudière


- Huison Longueville, the Castle of Huison Longueville


- Janville, the Castle of Gillevoisin (IMH),the Castle of Janville-sur-Juine
- Janvry, the Castle of Janvry
- Juvisy sur Orge, the Castle of Fromenteau, castle of 17ith, somes remains are in the Public park.


- La Norville, the Castle of La Norville
- Lardy, remains of Castle,there's a square tower crowned with the farm Machoulis Honville of the old castle, the Castle Square, Le Domaine des Pastoureaux
- Le Val Saint Germain, the Castle of Marais (MH)
- La Ville du Bois, the Castle of Plessis Saint Père ***, the Castle of La Ville du Bois
- Leuville sur Orge, the Castle of Leuville
- Limours, the Castle of Limours
- Linas, the Castle of La Roue
- Lisses, the Castle of Montauger
- Longjumeau, the Castle of Saint Eloi, the Castle of Nativelle
- Longpont-sur-orge
The Castle of Villebouzin
The Castle of Lormoy
The Castle of Mesnil


- Marcoussis
The Castle of Montaigu (MH)
The Castle of Bel-ébat
The Castle of Bellejame
The Castle des Célestins

- Marolles-en-Hurepoix, the Castle of Marolles, the Castle des Tournelles
- Massy, the Castle and the fief of Vilgénis
- Mennecy, the Castle ofVilleroy
- Méréville, the Castle of Méréville
- Milly-la-Forêt
The Castle and the fief of Milly-la-Forêt
The Castle of Moussay
The fief of Flubert Ierand the Castle Forest (VIII th, destroy)

- Montlhéry, the Castle of Montlhéry, ancient castle (frotress) which remains only the dungeon, the castle of the souche.
- Morigny-Champigny
The Castle of Brunehaut
The Castle of Jeurre (MH)
The Castle of Morigny-Champigny (MH)
The Castle of Villemartin
The Castle of Vaudouleurs

- Morsang sur Orge, the Castle of Morsang


- Nainville les roches, the Castle of Nainville les roches
- La Norville, the Castle of La Norville


- Ollainville
The Castle of Ollainville
The Castle of La Roche
The Castle of Rué

- Orgemont, Le Château de Cerny, Le château de Villiers,
- Orsay, le château de Corbeville, le château de Launay, Le château du Grand-Mesnil


- Palaiseau, the Castle of Ardenay, the Castle of La Saussaye
- Puiselet-le-Marais, the Castle of du petit marais, a circular tower and a square corner tower.


- Quincy sous Sénart, the Castle Leroy


- Ris-Orangis
The Castle of Trousseau
The Castle of Fromont
The Castle of Dranem
The Castle of Orangis say "castle Gomel"

- Roinville sous Dourdan, le petit château
- Romainville, Le pavillon of Castle


- Saint-Chéron, the Castle of Baville
- Saint-Cyr sous Dourdan, the Castle of Bandeville
- Saint-Germain-les-Arpajon, the Castle of Chanteloup
- Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois
The Castle of parc Pierre
The Castle of La Cossonnerie
The dungeon of the ancient castle Sainte-Geneviève des Bois

- Saint-Hilaire, the Castle of Champrond
- Saint-Jean de Beauregard, the Castle of Saint-jean de Beauregard
- Saulx-les-Chartreux, the Castle of Montruchet
- Savigny sur Orge, the Castle of Savigny
- Soisy sur École, the Castle des Réaux
- Souzy-la-Briche, the Castle of Souzy-la-Briche


- Val Saint-Germain, the Castle of Marais
- Vaugrigneuse, the Castle of La Fontaine aux Cossons, the Castle of Vaugrigneuse
- Vauhallan, the Manor des apprentis, the Manor de Richeville, the Castle of Limon
- Verrieres-le-Buisson
The Castle of Vilmorin
The Castle of Bois Loriot
The Castle Vaillant or Castle of Estienne d'Orves
The Castle of Paron
The Castle of Verrières (MH)
The Castle of Amblainvilliers
The Castle of Marienthal
The fief of Vilgénis, the castle of Vilgénis
The ancient castle du grand Vaupéreux et du petit Vaupéreux

- Vigneux sur Seine, the Castle of Vigneux
- Villebon sur Yvette, the Castle of Villebon
- Villeconin
The Castle of Villeconin
The Castle of Saudreville
The Castle of Fresne, somes remains
The Grange tower, she corresponds at the ruins of feudal Castle

- Villejust, the Castle of Bois-Courtin
- Villemoisson sur Orge, the Castle of Orgeval
- Villiers-le-Bacle
The Castle of La Barrerie
The Castle of Villiers le Bâcle
The Castle of Voisins-le-Tuit


- Wissous, the park and a tower of the Castle Gaillard



- Yerres
The Castle of Maréchal de Saxe (Hostel-Castle), ancient Castleof La Grange.
The Castle des Budé
The Castle of Beauregard
There also remain the buildings of the former estate of Concy nineteenth century which is occupied by the home associations


The Castles (Fortress);

Etampes, the Castle of Etampes (MH) ***

Montlhéry, the Castle of Montlhéry (MH) ***

The Castles in other department of ile-de-France region:

92, The Hauts-de-Seine:

93, The Seine-Saint-Denis:

94, The Val-de-Marne:

95, The Val d'Oise:

77, The Seine-et-Marne:

78, The Yvelines:

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