Friday, 19 July 2013

The art to build and the poem

High disheveled towers bursting through nocturnal abyss relish the morning dew, drip in, dripping languorously letting show through the chimeric beauty sculptures and ornaments of a royal building ....

An idyllic picture, renaissance suddenly stands there near a forest, a wood, as if lost in the depths of the soul of a country-Paris region .....
Could it be different here in the heart of this region lined with majestic jewels, long moments of history and beauty mingled, through which born every minute during a poetic entrelac ....
Built such a long way of prose, it offers visitors its romantic flavor, his chivalrous sails ....

Somes poems....

- The Art to build 

Work towards there every day, work towards there by "love" work towards there in turn,
Factories, construction sites, shared pain and sweating,
Tons and tons brought,
Meters and cubic meters sealed
Meters and meters learned
Hours and hours given...

Days and full days
Men and men involved,
Winter, Spring, Summer, A gray sky, black, blue,
Do not stop sites, Art, workers,
Currents of thought, there for eternity ....

You Construction world
A team, somes occupation,
Elevated Heights, Rise of years
Candor removed, you man site.
Your courage thrown your summer color,
Winter like summer, by least eight, ten degrees,
A thread to guide you, a warmth pier
When all at eat, you leave again on the right foot ...

As the Romantic period, such a Gothic Art,
Suddenly anchored there, you seek in vain faith,
The early years, your first thoughts ...

Fine line fertilized materials
Over the years, praise of thought
Modern architecture, your lines unparalleled,
Prance to the sky in this virtual world ....

- Here and there

Today, today there
A twist of fate, a shot wrong
Past month, months marked
In blue ink, ink pier,
Over the months and years ...

In a gamble, it is collapsed,
Many seeds, hours given
Number of workmen, number of summer
In these moments, in these times,
Is it a torment? Is this a turning point?

- Castle

Castle of Eve, castle of O, here love pavillion, there at the edge of a wood, Alexandre Dumas left gush his faith, his romantic ways, his chivalrous ways in place; Castle Monte Cristo!

Châteaubleau-Farcheville, Fontainebleau, many carved facades, bring up, invented will, in which many forces, which many laws are there every time, flirting with love .....
How long times, centuries, hours and year will die slowly here and there .....

- Of L

A spoon for honey
A star for the sky
A nest for beautiful,
A hive for bees.

One drop in the dew,
A petal to sow,
A flower to dream,
A poem to love ..

- So much and Times

So much misery, so much joy,
So much sorrow, so many fondling
So much lonely life, so much life in society,
So much sick, so so much knightage,

So slightly, a time for two
A joyous time, a blue sky,
Of sadness, rejoicing,
Turn the wind, spend time,
Time for a waltz, a romance,
As dementia, so lucky,
That one day, shine Love .....

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