Friday, 17 May 2013

The Websites to discover, in France

World Wonders Project

Google Art Project

 ● The website of France

The Culture in France 

Contemporary Architecture 

The world digital library


 The database Gallica (BNF site)

 The digital base of Alsatian heritage 

The Joconde Base, portal of the collections of museums of France

 Collection of châteaux-Sceaux

 The collection of museums of modern Art 


● Google Art Project:

 L'école du Louvre :


 The website of Inha :

 The website of search engine of collections of ministry of culture 

● The website multimédias, médias of ministry of the culture

 The website Persée (base of history, artchitecture) :

 The website of Unesco :


 The médialibrary of architecture and heritage the base Mérimée :

 Mosquito :
● World Wonders Project; discover of world, of France in 3D, in Vidéo, in Pictures, etc...:

● Google Art Project (Museum, artists, art work of the world) :

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