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The Royal Castle of Vivier

The Royal Castle of du Vivier, located in Fontenay-Trésigny (Seine-et-Marne department), in a remarkable site of ru de Bréon tributary of the Yerres.
The ruins of the castle and the land corresponding to the initial control of the whole, including common, are the subject of a classification as historical monuments since 31 October 1996.

The land on which was built the castle depended on the lordship of Tournan-en-Brie. In the thirteenth century, the land belonged at the family of Garland. The land was sold in May 1293 by John II of Garlande, Lord of Tournan, Pierre de Chambly, executor of Philip III, chamberlain of Philip IV. The king had yielded him the lordship of Livry in 1285.

Pierre de Chambly gives lordship Tournan, Charles of Valois in October 1293. Mention is made of a "stately hotel" in 1260.
By purchase and somes donations made ​​by his brother, King Philip IV, Charles de Valois has increased his domain around the Lordship of Tournan. He made This Logis. Evrard d'Orleans, court painter, painted in 1308, the "halls and galleries" du Vivier. Philip IV made ​​several trips to the castle.


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