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The remains of Castles

Long ago, even if the eyes are to human history, romanticism, its splendor and green colors were given to man a sensual approach to buildings.

Sculptures, architectural features, facades and art in general, which party's Gothic, over time, left hatch ideals constructive, the design of the architecture to a more daunting, more vehement, have left in us a certain form, a certain look, which I must say, today, still leaves an indelible trace in the depths of our souls, our minds. Romanticism and the color of his enchanting architectural symbols, they, as of today, lost the share of beauty, this share indelible, like Paris and major French and European cities, we invited to a journey through time, in the heart of the story?

Over time and after the French Revolution with his drinking and his troubles had driven the destruction of many castles, archives and documents, times and wars that followed only served to increase the process well underway. Architecture "Royal" and military evolved over time, the strongholds of the lordship, royalty and the military gave way to the palaces, residences, forts and barracks.

Some were destroyed, as the castle of Vaux sur Seine, some were spared as the Château de Neuville, Henri III style brick and stone and built in the sixteenth century by Joachim of Bellengreville and enlarged in 1750 by Agnes of revoluti

The factors of destruction of monuments, castles and works of art were caused by the French Revolution and its different phases, movements, imtempéries, looting and theft of all kinds and of all kinds, destruction or damage issued voluntarily, involuntarily by art lovers, taste for art that inspires them to take bad sometimes without thought, a piece of wall, statue, etc ... Fires and natural disasters also caused damage.

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