Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Castle of Vitry

This ancient fortress of the eleventh century belongs to the sixteenth century Nicolas de l' Hopital, Marquis de Vitry. In appreciation of his services, Vitry also receives of king a charge to advise the parliament. Fiery soldier, he took part in the wars against the Calvinists and became as soon 1943 the mentor of the young Duke of Enghien. After being yielded to Marshal and Duke of Schomberg, the field of Vitry is redeemed in the late seventeenth century by the Bernard family and converted into a farm in the next century. The whole gets organized around a courtyard. The Defense Tower with machicolated and murderous as well as pigeon hexagonal type were preserved but the drawbridge has disappeared.,seine-et-marne,9

The Town

To go to the Castles, the events, the shows, the tourism, the dungeons, the remains,....

Chapter I, the world of Castle

Itineraries and transport

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