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The Castle of Villiers

The Castle of Villiers is a French palace located in the French town of Cerny, in the former province of Gâtinais, which is now the department of Essonne, in the Ile-de-France region, at forty-one kilometer south of Paris.
Castle de Villiers, one of the oldest of the Ile-de-France region, since the first Trace is in 1006, his name was once Villiers-le-Châtel, it's the cradle of the lordship of Cerny.

After having belonged to Alix or Adele of Champagne that meets the crown of France by her marriage with Louis VII the Younger (which this was the third wife), in 1165, he was given three centuries later, in 1450, to as a fief by Louis XI to his barber Olivier Le Daim.
After the death of Olivier Le Daim the castle was returned to the crown in 1515.
In 1484 when the confiscation of property of Olivier le Daim, the family of Foix (County Etampes) the retrieved. The Queen of Aragon, Germaine de Foix, wife of Ferdinand II the Catholic and niece of Louis XII,  possessed it and she sold it at the Lord of Chièvres, Guillaume de Croy (parent Philippe de Croy), it then belonged to Jean de Croy.


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