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The Castle of Villeconin

The Castle of Villeconin, is a French castle located in the municipality of Villeconin in the old country Hurepoix in Essonne.
The castle dates from the late fourteenth century, it was remodeled in the Renaissance and the French Revolution, when the house declared national property    , become a farm. In 1926 the manor Villeconin is included in the supplementary inventory of historic monuments. It was bought in 1932 by Henry Jouvencel, which rehabilitates buildings and grasslands into the park and restore the castle from 1933.

The date of the castle is situated in 1372 when Gerard de Montaigu buy this domain son of Raoul de Presle. Gerard de Montagu had the confidence of the king Charles VI, it is filled with honor and wealth. He began to transform what was then a farming operation a real mansion. He married Abbiette Cassinel of which he has six children. The elder John, born in 1350, the death of his father he inherited his charges at the court of France and property. John Montagu receives his uncle lord Cassinel bishop of Auxerre, the lordships from Montlhery Malesherbes. A Villeconin he built the guard room of the castle, dig ditches. It connects Villeconin the castle by an underground Grange. He became Superintendent of Finance, Grand Master of the Hotel King Charles VI.


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