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The Castle of Rochefort-en-Yvelines

The Castle of Rochefort-en-Yvelines is a French castle in the town of Rochefort-en-Yvelines, in the department of Yvelines and the region Île-de-France.
The castle is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since October 7, 1931

Many mansions succeeded over the centuries the land of Rochefort-en-Yvelines. Guy the Red would be the first castle high in the eleventh century and the church still visible there, below the colline.

But war legacies and 600 years later, the old castle was demolished. It was not until the early seventeenth century (circa 1620) that Hercule de Rohan, Duke of Montbazon, then became owner of the estate, where he built a new mansion.
Rochefort, his lands and castle remain the possession of the Rohan family for nearly 235 years. But in 1830, the field, then depreciated sharply, is transferred to Aimé Pierre, Marquis de Bernis, a member of the extended family of Rohan. The latter died in 1846, his son, Count de Bernis, but inherits resells, nine years later, the area to the family of La Rochefoucauld

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