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The Castle of Plessis-Brion

The Castle of Plessis-Brion has been built in the town of the same name, city of the department of Oise.
Of all the castles built in the department of Oise, the castle of Plessis-Brion is the only Renaissance, specifically the period known as of the early Renaissance, during the first quarter of the sixteenth century. This period marks the transition between the Gothic style of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It ranks among the most beautiful of the Ile-de-France built at that time.

Around the year 1500, Jean de Poumereux, Marquis du Plessis-Brion and Grand Master of Artillery King François 1st (1494-1547) was built on the foundations of the Motte-Brion, a fortress that existed in this place in the Merovingian period, the first dynasty of the kings of France dating back to the fifth century. It is for this reason that we find the main architectural feature: two large cylindrical corner towers flanking a main building with a rectangular base. The latter is facing west and overlooking a bend in the river was diverted to power can be moat.

The architecture of the caves dating from the thirteenth century reminded the Knights Hall built in Mont Saint-Michel.
The whole building is surrounded by ditches. The exterior surfaces are made of bricks set of checkered diamond, high windows are framed in white stone contrasting with the red brick, corner towers are roof cone frustum slated, on the main building it is pitched roof covered the same.


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