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The Castle of Ormesson

At the limits of the Val de Marne and Seine-et-Marne department, the Castle of d'Ormesson, in the municipality of Ormesson sur Marne, enjoys a pleasant environment only 13 km from Paris. The castle was built in 1580 on the lands of the village of Amboile, the name of the family who owned it until the fourteenth century.
The castle Ormesson sur Marne, inhabited from 1598,  It was classified as a Historic Monument in 1889.
A first castle Ormesson, located on the territory of the parish of  Deuil (town), at the limit of it and the parishes of Epinay-sur-Seine and Enghien towns gave its name to the Lefevre-Ormesson family.

From 1630 to 1758, the family used the two residences before finally settling in the most recent. In 1760, it was decided to demolish the old castle and lease the land, but the beneficiary not demolished this one, who on the eve of the Revolution, was occupied by Mathieu de Montmorency, a friend of Madame de Stael and Benjamin Constant, who was elected from the nobility to the States General (where he was the youngest elected) and took a significant part in the preparation of the new Constitution.


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