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The Castle of Montagu

Le Château en 1791

The Castle of Montagu is a ruined castle located in the town of Marcoussis, in the department of Essonne.

Although the size, place and architecture of the building are not documented, strong house is mentioned in the early fourteenth century. It is, then, owned by Pierre des Préaux.
At the end of the fourteenth century, Jean de Montagu acquired the fiefs that were enclave in the lordship of Marcoussis and became lord of the manor. In 1388, he lay the foundations for a new and luxurious imposing castle, whose design is influenced by the Louvre, which is the center of all his fiefs.
The proximity of the capital earned Castle Marcoussis to be the first line of hostilities: Between 1412 and 1435 he was successively taken and retaken by the Armagnacs and the Burgundians, and then by the British and the French.
The ruins visible today reflect the architecture of the fifteenth century. The sixteenth to the eighteenth century, successive lords, including Admiral Graville, François de Balzac and the Countess Esclignac, redoing all the buildings in order to improve their comfort.
Armand de Puysegur pulled down around 1805 the old castle of Montagu, to avoid, it seems, its transformation into a state prison.


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