Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Castle of Mesnuls

The Castle of Mesnuls is a Renaissance castle built of brick and stone, located in the village of Des Mesnuls in Yvelines department, in France.
The Castle of Mesnuls and its park, first acquired by Thomson and then having belonged to Thales.

The Castle has developed the whim of the fortune or misfortune of its many owners. In 1230 began the construction of the Manor of Mesnuls, which nothing remains today, under the aegis of Ernaut of Mesnuls.
 5 years preceding 1540 saw the construction of Postern (today the main entrance of the castle) and widening Moat by Christophe de Refuge, Hotel Master of the Duke of Alençon. The construction of the main building dates from the sixteenth century, orchestrated by Robert Combault Guard Captain of King Henry III of France.


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