Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Castle of Méridon

Méridon Castle was built in the municipality of Chevreuse, which is also located in the Château de la Madeleine. A field separating these two castles facing the Castle Méridon bordering the Château de Breteuil, it was built in the municipality of Choisel.

Méridon Castle was built in 1883 by an architect named E. Bruneau (not otherwise known) to Mr. Mark di Braga, Director of Credit Foncier in the Neo-Renaissance style, on the site of a medieval building.
The castle, owned by the family of Breteuil from the late nineteenth century, was hired in 1946 by a Dutch association to set up a Centre for Continuing Education. The original purpose of the center was to train Dutch farmers who wanted to immigrate to France.


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