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The Castle of Mareil-le-Guyon

The Castle of Mareil-le-Guyon is a seventeenth-century French castle located in the town of Mareil-le-Guyon, in the Yvelines department in the Île-de-France.

Maroialum the Latin meaning and Guyon (lord of the manor and diminutive Guy) "adjacent town of swamp" and De Guyon, Mareil-le-Guyon is a manor where successive important families in the history of France.
In the thirteenth century, the lords of Mareil followed their neighboors Simon IV de Montfort became leader of the Albigensian Crusade.
During the Hundred Years War, the region and the castle of Mareil were attacked by the British.
Wars of religion until the late sixteenth century, the castle changed hands often. It is at this time that have taken care of the moat and built the castle which is the basis of the one we know today.

During the long reign of Louis XIV, Nicolas Menueau sold the property to pay his debts including that of his tailor.
In 1719, the Chaumont Galaizière family bought the castle and held until 1789. The most famous member of this illustrious family Antoine-Martin Chaumont de La Galaizière, Marquis de La Galaizière named "steward of the French troops in Lorraine" by Louis XV and Chancellor of King Stanislas I in 1737.


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