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The Castle of Marais

The Castle du Marais is a French castle located in the town of Val-Saint-Germain, near Saint-Chéron, in the former province of Hurepoix today Essonne and the region Ile-de-France at thirty-six miles south-west of Paris.
Built by the architect Jean-Benoît-Vincent Barré for Master Jean de La Martinière, Treasurer General of Artillery and Engineering, he is considered one of the most remarkable examples of Louis XVI style castle near Paris.
It was owned by the noble families like Noailles, Castellane, Talleyrand-Perigord and Pourtales.

In the twelfth century, the monks of the Abbey of Vaux-de-Cernay had cleared forests and drained the marshes. The first lord of the place was Jean de Saint-Germain in 1282. The family of Saint-Germain was allied to the family of Saint-Yon. An act of 1397 mentions a feudal manor, which we know nothing.
In the fifteenth century, the two domains belong to the same family. When Antoine de Vigeais inherited his father Jean, the houses were in ruins, the farmers had disappeared. Antoine restored order in the area and built the largest castle Marais. An inventory of 1507 describes some important building which was bought in 1516 by Jean Hurault, counselor of the parliament of Paris, which was larger and had planted the park. The area remained in the family until 1706.


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