Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Castle of Malesherbes

 The Château de Malesherbes is a French castle in Malesherbes, in the Loiret department in the Centre region.

The first castle is documented, the castle of Bois-Malesherbes, acquired in 1398 by Jean de Montagu, the superintendent of finances of Charles VI. It then passed into the hands of the Norman family of Graville and to the Balzac Entragues. He was brought as a dowry for Anne de Graville, daughter of Admiral Louis Malet de Graville his cousin Pierre de Balzac Entragues.
François Balzac Entragues who married Marie Touchet (mistress of the King Charles IX) in 1578 giving birth to Catherine Henriette de Balzac Entragues which become the mistress of Henri IV and it extorts a promise of marriage written on 1 October 1599 at the chateau de Malesherbes.


The Town

The Castle

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