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The Castle of Magnanville

The Castle of Magnanville, is a French castle of the eighteenth century, stood at Magnanville, in the present department of Yvelines and the Ile-de-France region. Sitting in a park of two hundred acres overlooking the valley of the Seine between Mantes-la-Jolie and Rosny-sur-Seine, it was rebuilt between 1750 and 1753 by architect François II Franque on behalf of Charles Savalette, guard of Royal Treasury.
The castle, the glitz astonished contemporaries, was destroyed in the early nineteenth century. A smaller castle, which still stands today, transformed into gerontology center was rebuilt in 1807 for Baron Robillard Magnanville, regent of the Banque de France.

Lords of Magnanville mentioned in the eleventh century, were under the lordship of Rosny-sur-Seine. We find Magnanville, lords of this place until the mid-fourteenth century.
The feud then belongs to Landes, which succeeds François III Briançonnet  (1573-1631), master of accounts and then president of the Chamber of Accounts of Paris, who married in 1600 to Anne de Landes, Magnanville lady, daughter of  Guillaume de Landes, lord of Magnanville advisor dean of the Great Chamber of the Parliament of Paris.


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