Saturday, 11 May 2013

The Castle of Launoy-Renault

Fortress of Launoy-Renault, whose construction is prior to 1458, partially destroyed during the Hundred Years War, the castle was rebuilt in the sixteenth century with a beautiful Renaissance facade. Once surrounded by woods and ponds, it has become in this strategic location, a simple house belonging to the family Espence.
      Then the castle was owned by the family of Protestant Bauveau. The chapel is used for Protestant worship until 1685. The castle is an appointment of lords of Huguenots. The manor 
of Verdelot

 belonged to the Count  Allonville who had four fiefs which Launoy-Renauld. Emigrated in 1791, Count Armand Jean Allonville Lord of Verdelot and Launoy-Renauld, died in London January 24, 1811.

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