Friday, 17 May 2013

The Castle of La Grange, say Castle of Maréchal de Saxe

The Castle of La Grange is located on the plateau Villecresnes in the wood of La Grange, constitutive Grange Arc wooded at north of the Yerres Valley and the territory of the municipality of Yerres, along the avenue La Grange borrowed by the 94 main road.

Charles Duret Chevry, superintendent of finance under Louis XIII entrusted its construction from 1617, the architect Jean Thiriot, which was noticed by Richelieu. The building of classic French style (brick and stone) was erected on the site of a fortified farmhouse.

Owners near the royal power lived up to the French Revolution:
Nicolas Gaudion, secretary of Louis XV commissioned the famous Swedish designer Oppenord pink room, witness the creation of the style "Louis XV" with blonde wood paneling, gilding and ornamentation "rock" (shell, plant material style sheets acanthus). The room contained four oval paintings (Venus and Psyche De Troy's son, Venus out of the bath and his triumph over De Cazes water) and ice overmantels now extinct.

In 2000, the castle was bought by the Savry group renamed "Château du Maréchal de Saxe" and installed a hotel prestige.

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