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The Castle of La Grange-Bléneau

The Castle of La Grange-Bléneau is a stronghold of the fourteenth century, located in the municipality of Courpalay, in the department of Seine-et-Marne

Seat of a domain, depending on the lordship of Melun.
Mentioned in the thirteenth century, "Corpaloi" the castle of La Grange-Bléneau belonged to Courtenay, with Aubusson-La Feuillade, the Dupré La Grange Blesneau, to Aguesseau.
In 1363, Ancel La Grange in a confession described his home as "the Ancel Granche knight lord of that place and the Grange du Breuil en brie, thine and admits held in fief ...
"My very first house Barn chastel, which includes precincts ditches the bassecourt and loft. The city is close to ditches. The right of fishing is regulated and any offender is liable to a fine: "Item of fishes and lordship in the river IERRE, Bridge rosay up quite ready Courtemer the mill and river ..."
The Prince of Conde and his troops seized during the unrest in the minority of Louis XIII.
Adrienne de Noailles passed it on to her husband, General de La Fayette, who lived from 1802 to his death in 1834."

The castle was taken over by René de Cham Pineton his cousin Louis de Lasteyrie in 1955, a descendant of Lafayette.
It is now the property of the Foundation-Josée and René de Chambrun.
The castle and her chapel are subject to registration as a historic monument since April 15, 1942


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