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The Castle of Hénonville

The Castle of Hénonville is located in the commune of Hénonville in Oise department. The castle is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since 5 May 1960.

A first castle, attested in the thirteenth century, was demolished under the jacquerie and rebuilt in 1554.
It was rebuilt in 1722 to Pierre-François Ogier great audiencier of France (owner in 1714) again. The foundations are largely those of the original castle, and found the second floor, behind the woodwork, the remains of a medieval tower.
The castle was modernized between 1765 and 1771 by the Parisian architect Jean Benoît Vincent Barré for Jean-Marie Roslin d'Ivry, who had acquired the castle Ogier President and was one of the first collectors of Fragonard. Barré kept the four corner towers, as did Germain Boffrand to the  Castle of Haroué in Lorraine. Roslin d'Ivry had decorated his castle with paintings of François Boucher as The Washerwomen (New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art).


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