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The Castle of Guermantes

The Castle of Guermantes, at Guermantes, is a Castle of Seine-et-Marne department (Ile-de-France).
The castle is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since August 9, 1944.
Pierre Viole (d. 1638), whose family owns the stronghold of Guermantes since the mid-sixteenth century, began construction of the castle.
Paulin Pondre (1650-1723) buy the property in 1698. It commits the work and uses Jules Hardouin-Mansart for stoops and André Le Nôtre for the garden. Receiver Finance in Lyon, he became one of the most powerful financial time of the Sun King. He renovated the castle with the greatest names of the century and are organized memorable holidays.

The Pondre family keep the domain until 1920.
Currently, the the original furniture is gone, but several rooms retain a painted seventeenth century and the eighteenth century.
The castle was bought in 2008 was transformed into a conference center. It is closed to the public.

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