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The Castle of Groussay

 The Castle of Groussay is located in Montfort l'Amaury,in Yvelines department.

Henriette Adelaïde de Tourzel, Duchess of Charost, widow and heiress of the mayor of Paris, Armand Joseph de Bethune, Duke of Chârost, built the castle in 1815.
She is the daughter of Louise Elisabeth Felicité Armande Anne Marie  Jeanne Joséphine de Croy-Havre, governess of the royal children, and Louis François du Bouchet de Sourches, marquis de Tourzel, Provost Marshal of France.
Construction is nearing completion in 1823.
Having escaped the scaffold, Henriette's mother, back in London, settled in Groussay, where she received the daughter of Louis XVI, the Duchesse d'Angoulême. A few months later, in 1832, she died at the castle at the age of 82 years.

This "campaign house" has been transformed into a castle by Charles Beistegui who acquires in 1938, at the dawn of World War II. The building is not protected as a historic monument, it is free to change at will, thus it extends the two wings, of a theater and of a ballroom called Hollandaise room and creates an original aesthetic work ... but ephemeral.


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