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The Castle of Gesvres-le-Duc

Armoirie du Duc de Gesvres

The Castle of Gesvres was built in the municipality of Crouy sur Ourcq, Seine-et-Marne, it is the property of the Potier family. Seven generations of this family have ruled for more than two centuries of land Crouy. Louis Potier built in the late sixteenth century an imposing castle on the territory of Tresmes. Around 1660 his son René, 1st Duke of Gesvres rebuilt the castle by Mansart.
    Louis XIII in 1641, in gratitude for good service in the army gave it to the family of a land located in Paris along the Seine, on condition that they make a dock: Quai de Gresvres. When the Revolution broke out the property is in the hands of Louis Duke of Gesvres Joachim Paris in 1793 to save his head, he robs a part of the gallery of about 600 paintings in his Castle Gesvres, and its title will be publicly burned in Crouy, and his head fell to Vincennes 19 messidor year II, and the Castle was sold and demolished.


The ancient castle has been demolished, it remains one of the two entrance pavilions and ruins, shortly after, another castle was built as you can see in the photo.

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