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The Castle of Voisins

The Castle of Voisins is a Castle built between 1903 and 1906 in Saint-Hilarion, in Yvelines department, by the architect René Sergent and the landscaper Achille Duchêne

There are traces of Visiniolo (Voisins) in the precept of King Pepin 768, conceding to the monastery of Saint-Denis forest of Yvelines, which Rumbelitum (Rambouillet) of a family of that name in the thirteenth century.
At this location, was, from the fourteenth century a simple mansion in the heart of a small Domain.

From hand to hand the area is revamped and expanded, especially in the late eighteenth century by the Marquis de Croismare, former governor of Little Stable of Louis XV, who did embellish this "nasty campaign" by Ange-Jacques Gabriel, whose plans signed and dated 1779 are preserved in the archives of the castle.

Sold successively in 1800, 1831, 1859, 1872 and 1892, this report saw his land area increased to 1100 acres of farms and forests.
In 1892,  is acquired by Count Edmond de Fels, diplomat, historian and writer of Swedish origin.


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