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The Castle of Vincennes

The Castle of Vincennes is a fortress in the town of Vincennes, east of Paris, France, built from the fourteenth century to the seventeenth century. It is the largest French royal castle, and the height of the tower, 50 meters, it is one of the highest plain fortresses in Europe.
The castle is not to be confused with Fort Vincennes neighbour.

The fortress is located near the capital, about 8 km from the Ile de la Cité. Unlike most castles, it is not located on a hill, a hill or on top of a cliff, but on a limestone plateau. It is not close to a river, just a small stream, the "ru de Montreuil", stream down tray Montreuil which fed the moats that the overflow would then go to Paris and threw in Lake Saint-Mande.

 This fortress has more the appearance of a large fortified city or "fortified royal residence" as a castle. If this castle is originally a single mansion, he soon intended to accommodate, for long periods, the royal family and all his servants, part of the administration of the kingdom and the army needed for his defense. It consists of a long wall, flanked by three doors and six towers 42 meters high, which develops over a mile and protects a rectangular area of several hectares (330 x 175 m) .

Place protected and is occupied by the high tower of 50 meters above the soil of court, civil buildings, administrative, military and a chapel. In the Middle Ages, all allowed to live on site to several tens of thousands of people [ref. needed]. The dungeon was designed to house the King of France in case of danger. It is in itself a stronghold. Wide moat, a gatehouse and two drawbridges ensure its defense.

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