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The Castle of Thoiry

The Castle of Thoiry is a renaissance castle located in Thoiry, in Yvelines department, at fifty kilometers of Paris.
From 1559, Raoul Moreau († 1583), treasurer of the thrift of King Henry II then intendant of the finances,  command to the master mason Olivier Ymbert, from Saint-Léger-en-Yvelines and worked a few years ago to Rambouillet, building a castle Thoiry, on a site occupied since the twelfth century.

After the construction of outbuildings - farm, stables, sheep, dove - a main building simple depth which hang on the front facade rectangular two buildings of the same height, connected by a terrace, was built from 1562. The main building includes a central staircase ramp on ramp, vaulted in brick, which looks out on both fronts. The original elevation does undoubtedly one floor, frequently available at the end of the sixteenth century, but accompanied by a high base is lacking here. It will be subsequently amended. The pavilion is built rear left after 1564.


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