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The Castle of Sceaux

The domain of  Sceaux extends on municipality of Sceaux and Antony, it now depends on the General Council of Hauts-de-Seine.
The park was drawn by André Le Nôtre at the end of the seventeenth century at the request of Colbert and his son the Marquis de Seignelay. On several occasions this park almost disappeared. During the Revolution, he was transformed into a school of agriculture and all that beauty was gone. In the early nineteenth century the castle was destroyed after the area had been sold as national property.

 In the fifteenth century ago Sceaux manor: in 1470, the lord of the Sceaux, Jean Baillet II (1400-1477), master of requests ordinary the king's, receives King Louis XI and Queen Charlotte Savoie with the whole court. He had met the three fiefs forming the Lordship of Sceaux, Sceaux-le-Petit, Enffermerie of Saint-Germain-des-Pres and the Great Sceaux. The latter ground him from his father, Pierre Baillet, first lord of the Sceaux, who had purchased Alix Vaubouillon.

The manor remained in the family until the late sixteenth century, eventually failing Baillet three sisters: Renee, Isabella and Charlotte, who, undivided, left the field to escape. Louis Potter, husband of Charlotte, Baron Gesvres and adviser to the king, bought the estate in 1597. Property covered 119 acres (50 hectares). In 1595 he bought the manor of Blérancourt. His brother, Nicolas III Potier, had married another girl, Isabeau.


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