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The Castle of Saussay

The castle of Saussay is a French Castle located in the town of Ballancourt-sur-Essonne, in the former province of Hurepoix today Essonne and the Ile-de-France, thirty-seven km south of Paris.

Property Olivier Le Daim, barber to Louis XI in the fifteenth century, the Spanish are burned the Castle in 1592 during the wars of religion.
Owner of Henri IV obtained by letters patent, permission to surround of water the castle rebuilt it in the style of Louis XIII (brick and stone). Property of Mgr de Gaumont, parliamentarian, he was transmitted by the women of Bragelongne families, Canclaux and Colbert in the early nineteenth century.

In 1735, a pavilion was built to face identical to that already existed. This is how the castle took its current two castles facing and overlooking a park.
Just before the Revolution the building entrance and drawbridge were felled and replaced by two elegant pavilions in the style of the architect Claude Nicolas Ledoux (late eighteenth century).
In the nineteenth century, Colbert doubled in its width the main lodge and the castle endowed with a magnificent library.

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