Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Castle of Saint-Jean-de-Beauregard

The Château de Beauregard is a French Castle is located in Saint-Jean-de-Beauregard in Essonne.

The beginning of the construction of the castle dates from 1612, at the request of François Dupoux, advisor to the King. A new castle was built in place of the ruins of Montfaucon which faced the old castle of Montlhery. The new lord of the places asked Louis XIII substituting the name of Montfaucon, sinister fame, Beauregard. The king ordered the renaming of the town of Saint-Jean-de-Monfaucon in Saint-Jean-de-Beauregard.
François Garnier, Equerry, goes purchaser of the domain in 1638. Then, the estate passed into the hands of Charles de Neufville Doullet then Mehertin Gabriel of St. Peter, and in 1669 a King's Counsel, Peter La Mouche.

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