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The Castle of Neuville

The Castle of Neuville is located in Gambais the Yvelines department.

The Castle of Neuville is the style of Henry III of brick and stone, built in the sixteenth century by Joachim Bellengreville, Prévot of the Grand Hôtel du Roy.
Josiane Sartre in his book "Brick And Stone Castles In France" gives the plan to the French architect Jacques I Androuet du Cerceau.

In 1672 the domain became Marquisate of Neuville.
In 1690, Francis Nyert first valet of King Louis XIV, Governor of Limoges and the Louvre acquired the estate became Marquisate Gambais.
In 1750 the daughter of Francis Nyert, Catherine de Revol, profoundly modifies the inside and outside of the castle. In 1765, ruined, she gave the castle to Clément Charles François L'Averdy professor at the Collège de France and the Comptroller General of Finance of Louis XV. A plate located above of the perron of honor recalls the work of Agnes Revol:

Formed under a new aspect of my beloved master Debris From my heir and the image
Agnes and me makes me reborn price increases
Can last as long as his life's work.


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