Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Castle of Monte-Christo

Alexandre Dumas, in his time, lived in Saint Germain en Laye, seduced by the landscapes of along the Seine, he chose a hill
on the hillsides of Port-Marly in order to build his house. It engages an architect, and not least, Hippolyte Durand, to make him realize his dream. He wants a renaissance castle built in front of a Gothic castle surrounded by water. The park must be designed in English and decorated caves, rocks and waterfalls ... Dumas gives instructions and shall be designed according to his wishes. On 25 July 1847, the writer celebrates its moving in the presence of a crowd of friends, admirers and curious ....

The castle of Monte Cristo is a charming residence fully sculpted facades. The history, nature and soul of the writer are everywhere: floral patterns, angels, musical instruments and weapons alongside various strange animals. Above each window on the ground floor, Alexandre Dumas has placed a portrait of dramatic writer of all time. A place of honor, above the door, Alexandre Dumas himself seems to welcome its guests. Spread on the front arms of his ancestors and
his personal motto "I love who loves me." Finally, small steeples at the top of the two turrets of the castle are decorated with the intertwined initials of the writer.


The town

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