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The Castle of Maisons

The Castle of Maisons has been build between the Seine and the forest of  Saint-Germain-en-Laye, with a facade overlooking a garden facing southwest. Located in Maisons-Laffitte, town steps from La Seine,

Originally, it comprised a garden, a small park of 33 hectares and a large park of 300 hectares. One reached it by two avenues intersecting in T before the portal of the front yard (Albine Avenue and Eglé Avenue ):
the main axis led to the forest, the transverse axis in the Seine, we was crossing by boat to Paris, crossing the village located in south-west of the castle. Three portals (apart from the forecourt) was placed
at the ends of avenues, each comprising two doors enclosing a grade-wolf device called a "ha-ha" very characteristic of the architecture of François Mansart.

The Longueil, old family parliamentarians had to part the lordship of houses since 1460, and full ownership from 1602. From 1630, and for probably twenty to thirty years, René de Longueuil, first president of the court of aids (Cour des Aides) then President of Parliament of Paris, devotes the fortune inherited from his wife, Madeleine de Crevecoeur Boulenc (d. 1636 ), at the construction of a magnificent castle. He can spend the summer in his castle in 1649, but the works of dependencies continue well beyond that date.

On the faith of testimony of contemporaries, the building is attributed to the architect François Mansart. No documents corroborates this assignment outside of a payment of 26,000 pounds made ​​by René de Longueil in favor of François Mansart in 1657, after the completion of the castle. Nevertheless, she is asserted by a pamphlet entitled "Mansarade" accusing the architect be realized after raising the first floor, he
erred in his plans and to have shot down everything that had been built to start over.

Read more...http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ch%C3%A2teau_de_Maisons-Laffitte

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