Monday, 8 April 2013

The Castle of Maintenon

The Castle of Maintenon is located in the town of Maintenon in Eure-et-Loir department, not far Chartres and Rambouillet.
The presence of a castle Maintenon is attested since the thirteenth century. He belongs to the lineage of Amaury, the lords de Maintenon ... It remains in their possession until the sixteenth century, epoch at which time, they encounter financial difficulties that led to give up forte.La lordship is then bought by Cottereau financial Finance and steward of King Louis XII. He embellished and greatly enlarged the castle then go to his descendants.

In 1674, Françoise d'Aubigné, futur Madame de Maintenon,  buys the entire domain: castle, lands, farms, etc., with the financial support of King Louis XIV, hoping retire thither for his old age.. The main extensions facing the castle from 1686 are closely related to the construction of the aqueduct and  stay of king in the castle on this occasion. After 1688, it will stay no longer at the castle.

In 1695, without direct descendants, Madame de Maintenon will bequeath the Domain, in dot, her niece Françoise Amable d'Aubigné during his marriage with Adrien Maurice, Duke of Ayen then Duke of Noailles. The castle then will remain in the Noailles family.
In 1983, Mr. and Mrs. Raindre, current owners and descendants of the family of Noailles, bequeath the Domain to the Foundation Maintenon to save this majestic heritage.


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