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The Castle of Esclimont

The Castle of Esclimont has been built in Saint-Symphorien le Château in Eure-et-Loir department.

In 1543, Etienne du Ponchet, lord of Esclimont, canon of Chartres, Archbishop of Tours rebuilt the castle inspired by the style of the great mansions that his cousins ​​were raised in the Loire Valley.
The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries were the centuries of Bullion. They did transform the castle, bringing up to date, but without shaving the corner towers, out of respect for their ancestors. Then transmit the castle in the family Montmorency-Laval until marriage, in 1807, its owner with Elisabeth Helene Pierre Louis François Sosthénes de La Rochefoucauld-Doudeauville.
It is their son, Charles Marie Sosthénes de La Rochefoucauld, who in 1865 commissioned the architect Parent to give a new castle decor romantic "fashion Renaissance", and gave the park landscape Bühler.
On the front courtyard, you can read a first name: Mary. 
Marie was none other than the Duchess of Doudeauville, she had inspired this proof of love to her husband.
Their son Edward was the last occupant of the castle until his death in 1968.

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