Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Castle of Courson

The domain dates from the seventeenth century, when William of Lamoignon built himself a castle surrounded by a park of classic style. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the domain passed into the hands of the Duke of Padoue, cousin of Napoleon, who asked Louis Berthault to transform the park into an English garden. Creator of many gardens including the Empress Josephine at Malmaison, he went of Courson to a park curves and falsely natural views. In 1860, the Bühler brothers - who designed the public and private parks in the whole of France - intervened in planting new trees and made digging the pond.

 Since the eighteenth century, the estate remained in the hands of the Counts of Caramon, and from 1920, Count, friend of Albert Kahn, new plantations began diversifying species and varieties and laid out to 'rooms, rhododendrons and azaleas. In the 1980s, his family continued his work, including his granddaughter Helen Fustier who, with the help of the English landscape Timothy Vaughan, restored the park.
 This is the same period that began twice a year Days plants Courson, bringing amateur botanists, nurserymen and visitors. The park of forty acres became increasingly lavish and was awarded the Prix Parks France. Courson must visit in autumn where 2,000 varieties of trees and shrubs in warm colors reflecting in the pond. Surprising intended that the domain of Courson where all owners were animated by a passion for the art of gardening and botany.


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