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The Castle of Courances

The Castle of Courances, is a castle located in the French town of Courances, in the former province of Gâtinais today Essonne in Ile-de-France, at forty-seven miles south-east Paris.
The castle is the subject of a classification as historical monuments since 27 June 1983.

     Already owns the castle Fleury-en-Bière, the chancellor of Henry II, Cosme Clausse acquires Courances in 1552 for not to injure the inheritance his youngest son. we must him a big part of the current layout of the park.

The castle dates meanwhile 1620's. Claude I Gallard, wealthy man, notary and secretary of the king, make completely razed the old house to build a castle completely in the style of Louis XIII and that would reflect his wealth.

Two women of the family will mark the domain and especially the park, "the ladies Courances."

The domain then passes by marriage to the family of Nicolaÿ. Loyal to the monarchy, they saw several family members guillotined during the French Revolution and ended by go into exile after "three glorious" 1830. Courances is then completely abandoned.

In 1872, Samuel Haber, bought the domain and appeals to the architect Destaileurs to restore it. This is a skillful ploy to update the equipment of brick and thus strengthens the Louis XIII style. You will then visit a castle Louis XIII doubling!


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