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The Castle of Condé


Located in Condé-en-Brie (Aisne department), on the Champagne route, 100 km east of Paris, the Château de Condé is a private estate inhabited year-round.
Castle Condé subject of a classification as historical monuments since octobe 18,1979.

At the request of Bourbon, prince of Savoie and the Marquis de La Faye, the most prestigious artists such as Watteau, Boucher Oudry realized its sumptuous decorations of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This castle can evoke some of the history of France through figures such as the Conde, Savoie, La Fontaine, or Richelieu, and of course Olymp 'powder' mysterious ... The wing Watteau and its frescoes recently discovered , the Bedroom of Richelieu, private apartments and exceptional salon decorated by Oudry are the star attractions of the castle.

Proximity to the river confluence of the Dhuys and Surmelin affluent of the Marne will give its name to the village of Conde-en-Brie. In fact, the root of the original word Condé hail from the origin of celtic word, Condate, meaning etymologically "confluence".

Inhabited since ancient times, this place was used as a theater in 500 the battle between the Senones Condrusi. Important remains from this period subsist in the foundations of the castle. These are probably those of a Gallo-Roman villa. the Bissful John of Montmirail was the first lord of Condé, was then a noble fief. His son in law, Enguerrand III de Coucy built in 1200 the first castle worthy of the name. Walls two meters thick and the broad archers reflect this period.

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