Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Castle of Breteuil

The Castle of Breteuil is a castle of seventeenth century located in the municipality of Choisel (Yvelines department) at 35 kilometers southwest of Paris, in the upper valley of Chevreuse.

Build on the site of the old castle (of Bévilliers or Buvilliers) place whereon stood at the time Gallo-Roman, two villas, the manor is mentioned for the first time in 1142, the first reference to a manor house dating back to 1560.
The castle belongs to the family while the Jay. It is generally believed that it was in the 1580s that Nicolas Le Jay (death in 1585) is performing important work that give the house its current plan. According to other historians, they are due to Thibault Desportes audiencier Grand Chancellery of France, who bought the estate by invitation to tender in 1596.

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