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The Castle of Ambleville

The Castle of Ambleville, is a Castle located in Ambleville,in Val d'Oise department, near Gisors.
 Built for Louis de Mornay by the architect Jean Grapple, it was built on the foundations of a feudal fortress posted on the edges of the Aubette, at the limit of the Ile-de-France and Normandy, then English.
In 1893, the wealthy art dealer Charles Sedelmeyer bought the castle and restored at great expense by install a theater, somes fireplaces and balconies Venetian,somes Italian statues in the garden, which are now stored at Villarceaux.
The gardens of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, are reworked in 1928 by the new owner, the Marquise de Villefranche, and based on those of the restoration of Gamberaia Florence. They offer a particularly successful for example Italian garden.
Madame de Maintenon sojourned at the castle in the company of "Children of France."
A portrait of Louis XVIII in his coronation robes, is present in the castle walls.
Its new owners have started since 2003 a major campaign of reconstitution of the original gardens.


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