Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Dungeon of Temple

Tower of the Temple and its enclosure were the House of the Temple, an ancient fortress located in the Paris 3rd arrondissement of Paris, which was destroyed in 1808.

Built by the Templars in 1240, during the reign of St. Louis, she later became a prison. It owes its fame to the fact that it served as a prison for the royal family in 1792 and 1793.

The great tower:

It stood at one end of the old enclosure (at the height of the current Town Hall). The tower was building a strong feudal, some 50 meters high, the wall thickness was on average 4 meters, it consisted of four floors, the vaulted arches fell on a central pillar. She was flanked by four strong towers, one of which enclosed a spiral staircase. On the facade of the Grand Tour had been attached at a later date, the Small Tour.

The Tower was unused for centuries [clarification needed] when the entrepreneur Pierre-François Palloy was responsible for its redevelopment. He divided each floor into several rooms with partitions and false ceilings concealing the roof high. These walls were covered in wallpaper.


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