Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Dungeon of Moret sur Loing

More than two hundred fiefs, such as that of Fontainebleau depended tower Moret. Manorial seat of power for the king Louis VI, this dungeon novel type Norman is located on a hillside, where it dominates the city. Square plan, supported at the corners by large buttresses and has led to its own enclosure, it is a popular residence of the first Capetian and later the counts engagistes as Maximilien de Bethune and Jacqueline Bueil. From June 24 to August 14, 1664, the Superintendent of Finance, Nicolas Fouquet, is confined in the custody of d'Artagnan. Sold as national property to be demolished in 1797, the tower is only partially destroyed. Dérasé emptied and it is used as a repository bark. When Joanne Thirion bought it in 1879, he is ruined. The dungeon is then converted into housing.

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Chapter I, the world of Castle

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